Terug Sep 14, 2020

Noordendorp Transport from Haaksbergen has recently started utilising an LHB/Ecocombi from Pacton Trailers in Ommen. This is the very first LCV combination to be added to the fleet of Noordendorp which consist of 35 trucks and 50 trailers, including box trailers and curtainsider semi-trailers. Director Michel Wentink explains that they transport many full and part loads to Brabant and the Rotterdam region. He says that full loads are transported in the follow trailer and the partial loads in the B-double. He adds that one needs to learn to plan it well, but if it works to their satisfaction, they will most certainly purchase a second LCV.

The B-Double is the multifunctional LCV solution from Pacton. With the B-Double it is not only a possibility to create an LCV combination, but when the axle is retracted, the semi-trailer can also be used as a short semi-trailer. The product range of Pacton offers the B-Double in various models, including a drop-side model, a container model and a curtainsider model.

Wentink says that an Ecocombi with two semi-trailers is maximally flexible. The large semi-trailer stays behind at the client in the first instance to be unloaded while they leave with the short B-Double. The fact that they have two follow trailer allows them to prepare the complete load for the following day in Haaksbergen. The LCV combination is used almost on a daily basis, but its advantage is that the semi-trailers can also be used separately. Even though it could come in handy, Noordendorp doesn’t cross the border with their new LCV combination because of the restrictive regulations. This LCV combination was Noordendorp’s first direct purchase at Pacton Trailers. They have been looking for a trailer builder with a good reputation and one that can deliver a complete LCV. Pacton Trailers sprung out, since Noordendorp Transport is acquainted with the quality of their semi-trailers after a business acquisition when they came in possession of semi-trailers built by Pacton Trailers.

Transport, storage and courier

Noordendorp Transport focusses on the transportation of both mixed cargo and complete loads as well as ADR products for the Retail, and Construction and Production sectors. Various types of transport can be provided within the Benelux and Germany due to the diversity of their fleet. Noordendorp Logistics takes care of the entry into storage, the storage and the removal from the storage. For this purpose, they have a warehouse with storage space of 15,000 m² where goods can be stored well-arranged and thoroughly. All goods coming in are supplied with a barcode. They work with a modern Warehouse Management System that supplies real time information on stored goods. Besides storage, Noordendorp is known for their courier and express transport services throughout Europe.

Noordendorp Transport has a history of more than a century. Carel Noordendorp sr. has founded the company in 1914 in Enschede. He transported provisions from the suppliers to shops with his horse and carriage. Since the centenary, Noordendorp may call itself a royal warrant holder. This predicate is only awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises with a regional scope, that have been in business for 100 years or more and that have an undisputable reputation.

Switch semi-trailers

The new LCV consists of a short B-Double semi-trailer (type BXD.232.T-BELP1) with a sliding axle frame and a coupling plate. The ten tonnes axles are placed widespread and the last axle is self-tracking. Pacton has delivered two rear semi-trailers for the LCV to allow switching. The two tri-axial semi-trailers are Tridec rod steered, have sliding sheets, sliding roofs, side drops and slider lifts among others. The so-called Airtube in the B-Double as well as both the follow trailer, is remarkable. The Airtube can be inflated before driving off to clear the sliding sheets of any water and/or ice. This ensures that Noordendorp Transport is always ready to hit the road safely with their new LCV combination.

Extending their fleet with an LCV/Ecocombi fits in the sustainability policy of Noordendorp Transport. The LCV is 25,25 m long and weighs 60 tonnes at most. Wentink explains that two LCV’s can carry the same weight as three standard EU vehicles. He adds that an LCV uses more fuel, but that the fuel consumption per tonnes/kilometres is about 16 percent lower since the LCV can carry larger volumes.