About Pacton

Pacton Trailers designs and manufactures trailers and semi-trailers tailored to your needs, down to the last detail you ask for. The knowledge and know-how that we have acquired through 100 years of experience ensure that Pacton Trailers is a forerunner in both national and international transport industry. We do custom work for you.

In order to come up with the right solution to any transport problem, we utilise a broad spectrum of high-quality semi-trailers from the brands Pacton, Floor and Kennis. These brands stand for quality, safety and durability.

Olivier Pronk, Renée Pronk, Silke Tödter and Rik Pronk

Mission & Vision

Mission “An Authority in trailers”
Our mission statement, an Authority in trailers, provides direction for the goals that Pacton has set for itself. This helps Pacton develop its standards and values, while forming an important part of its business culture. Internally, it provides a firm foundation for the road that has been chosen and shows the outside world exactly where Pacton stands.

Vision “Partnership in trailers”
Our vision, Partnership in trailers, indicates that Pacton strives for long-term relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust. This not only applies to relationships with clients, but also for relationships with personnel, suppliers, and local society

Our brands


The Floor brand is a trailblazer in the European Market for trailers and semi-trailers. Floor’s programme has a particular focus on a niche market within the transport sector. The...

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This brand, introduced in 1950, offers a solution to any kind of transportation need. With a wide variety of trailers and semi-trailers, Pacton has set the standard in the...

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Pacton/Kennis represents a significant portion of the crane semi-trailer market. Years of experience specifically focused on building crane semi-trailers has resulted in an innovative...

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Onze geschiedenis


H.P. Van Der Ploeg opens a blacksmith shop in Rotterdam

H.P. Van Der Ploeg opens a blacksmith shop in Rotterdam


A.Q.P. Van Der Ploeg follows dad’s footsteps into the family business


Move to Nieuwekerk a.d. Ijssel

Move to Nieuwekerk a.d. Ijssel, which had a significant impact on the development of Pacton. Here, military trucks were converted and tractors, trailers, and semi-trailers were built


Brand name PACTON

(Ploeg´s Aanhangwagens Chassis Trechters Opleggers Nieuwerkerk)


Start activities in Ommen


Sold to the Laura Association


Ploeg family buys back Pacton


Partial takeover by Montracon. Its shares were bought back in 2005


Ploeg family sells its last shares


Production and sales activities accommodated in Pacton Trailers B.V.


Takeover by the Floor and Kennis brands; production moves to Ommen


The Dutch Trailer Center


Pacton takes over assets of Tracon


Pacton Trailers BV sees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an important part of its complete corporate policy. We want to make a contribution to the sustainable development of society. This means that CSR aspects are included in our decision-making process for organisational, procedural, and technical matters.

  • At Pacton Trailers, people come first. Our employees are the heart of the company.
  • Our policy is also fine-tuned for innovating products and production methods.
  • With one eye permanently kept on the environment, we want to continue to improve ourselves and the innovation of products and production processes is a common thread that runs through all of our business practices.
  • Pacton Trailers only chooses 100% Dutch, high-quality products.
  • Our motivated, client-friendly employees and state-of-the-art equipment also help.

Facts & Figures

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2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Net revenue in millions 52,4 47,9 39,9 41,4 39,0
Units produced 1.109 1.159 995 1.026 993
Number of employees 239 229 215 209 202