Step deck trailer

Pacton stands for quality and we owe that characteristic largely to their step deck trailers.  The Pacton step deck trailers have been designed for the demanding Dutch and Scandinavian transporters.  The maximum volume is herewith linked to a large loading capacity.
By executing the chassis with a goose neck, a super low loading platform is created behind the goose neck which allows for a loading height of about 3.20 metres.  When it comes to volume, the step deck trailer is the champion since no other semi-trailer offers more cubic metres load.  Special reinforced open executions are available for the transportation of machinery or heavy material.  These executions can be delivered with every thinkable option to ensure fast and safe transport:  heavy duty lashing and securing provisions and stanchions;  bearing bocks to support long loads.;  ramps;  width warning signs; side guards and the list goes on.  The semi-trailers are delivered with 1 to 4 axles and it is possible to have the rear axle executed as a trailing axle, a hydraulic steered axle or a forced steered axle with a rod.
Pacton has step deck trailers in the variants open trailers, curtain-side trailers and extendable in their portfolio.