Ecocombi/LHV combination

The correct LHV combination results in more efficient transport:  it is better for the environment, leads to less cost and offers the company more flexibility.
There are many possibilities in the field of LHV combinations.  With a maximum height of 25,25 m and a maximum of 60 tonnes in the Netherlands there are many possible combinations.  Most of the LHV combinations are made with the use of a Dolly or a B-Double.
With regards to the B-Double, Pacton offers both an extendable bogie as well as an extendable top frame (container).  By using a B-Double everything is possible from a brand new LHV combination to expansion of the current fleet.  With a B-Double the sky is the limit.  Once again you have the choice between an open semi-trailer, a curtain side built up, a plywood box or a reefer.