Platform trailer

Platform trailers are meant for cargo that need not be covered or that can’t be loaded onto or transported with a trailer with body due to its shape or size.
The execution varies from a straightforward chassis with a floor and a bulkhead to a trailer with side panels, container fittings, stakes for transporting steel and a coil well.  If you have long indivisible cargo on a regular base, an extendable trailer is a good option.  Pacton has an ample experience in designing and constructing platform trailers.  You will come across this type of trailer, including the extendable versions, everywhere in the transport world.  The chassis can be delivered with 1 to 4 axles and the possibilities include lift axles and steered axles.
The cargo that you intend to transport is the starting point for compiling the trailer that will meet your precise needs.  Not óne standard, but always custom work.