Electronic Steered Triaxial Concrete Mixer Semi-Trailer with Remote Control

23 November 2021

Booger Service from Nieuwekerk has recently developed and delivered the very first concrete mixer semi-trailer with three steered axles and on top of that, are electronically remote controlled.  The semi-trailer, a Floor-chassis (type FLO-17-30E2) delivered by Pacton Trailers from Ommen, drives and manoeuvres easier than any other concrete mixer.  Owner Ton Boogert boasts that it can take on any corner. 

According to Ton Boogert of Boogert Service from Nieuwekerk, one is far more flexible with the three steered axles, which are separately remote controlled, than with a steered, five-axle mixer.  His company has been focusing on the sales, service and maintenance of concrete mixers, mixer pumps, concrete pumps and slurry pumps as the genuine specialist since 1993.  Boogert is the official importer and inspection company in the Netherlands as well as for Schwing-Stetter in Belgium.

Boogert explains that they have been building concrete mixers and concrete mixer semi-trailers for 30 years.  Momentarily they build around 15 trailers and roughly 85 fixed automobiles a year.  The semi-trailers are conventional triaxles of which the first and third are either rod steered or hydraulically steered.

Electronic steering

Boogert relates that he came up with the idea of a triaxial steered semi-trailer with electronic steering when he saw a similar semi-trailer for the agricultural sector.  He realised then that it could possibly be an excellent solution for their sector too.  He explains that there are hardly any other delivery locations as tight as those in the concrete sector. In light of the expansion of inner cities, renovation and revaluation of the purposes of buildings, construction takes place on ever skimpier sites.  He emphasizes that concrete mixer drivers face massive challenges daily. 

The first concrete mixer semi-trailer with electronic axle steering has been delivered to Patrick v. d. Hoeven Transport en Opslag in Woerden, in mid-September 2021.  Their clientele consists of various concrete mixing plants. 

Boogert affirms that this is an extraordinary semi-trailer for the concrete mixing sector.  Admittedly this exceedingly manoeuvrable semi-trailer requires an additional investment of approximately

€ 25,000, however, one gets a lot in return.  With this new semi-trailer concept, of which the chassis is executed by Pacton Trailers from Ommen, one is able to offer better service on location.  Furthermore, the pavement remains undamaged, less power is needed to take corners and the driver drives and manoeuvres more comfortably. 

Manoeuvrable concept

Boogert (58) together with his son Marc and 11 employees, work six days of the week supplying their clients in the concrete sector.  The concrete mixers are custom made in their workshop to the individual needs of each of their clients.  Boogert Service has repetitively ordered their chassis for the concrete mixer semi-trailers from Pacton Trailers situated in Ommen for many years.  Boogert adds that they normally order five of the traditional execution at the same time.  This new ultimately manoeuvrable execution however, is unique and completely new to the market.  He expects that specific clients will see the advantages thereof and make use of it. 

He remarks that interest has risen in the meantime in this manoeuvrable concept for concrete mixers.  It is niche market currently, but it could possibly take off in the near future.  The concrete mixer sector has developed rapidly in recent years anyhow, including electric driving.

Adapted chassis

The length of the Floor-chassis, delivered by Pacton, is more than 9,5 metres, with a maximum load on the kingpin of 17 tonnes and an axle load of 30 tonnes.  There are 12 steel rims of 22,5 x 8,25 (hub centred) with Goodyear tyres 275/70 R 22.5.  Aluminium sideguards have been placed in front of the axles, according to EG requirements.  An aluminium bulb plate has been fixed above the axles, between the chassis beams with regards to cleaning.  Moreover, the semi-trailer offers Willy Vogel central lubrication, a battery-pack and extensive LED lighting.

The new, ultimately steerable concept required an adapted steering system and chassis.  The development of the new concrete mixer semi-trailer according to sales engineer Martin Kosse of Pacton Trailers from Ommen, started in the drawing room.  The same 15 m³ Schwing Stetter mixer is constructed on it by Boogert Service, but the Floor-chassis is noticeably different starting with the layout.  According to Kosse they build many chassis for concrete mixers, normally with the first and third axles steered which are considered normal for these vehicles. 


The semi-trailer for Boogert Service has three Tridec EF-S electronically steered axles, with a sensor at the kingpin that measures the angular rotation in relation to the truck and then communicates it to the control box for the axles.  Kosse explains that the second axle is blocked when driving normally on the load and the semi-trailer is then steered in the traditional way.  Above 80 km/h it becomes a rigid system.  The advantage of this unique semi-trailer lies in its manoeuvrability in tight spaces.  This system is ultimately manoeuvrable and can easily be adjusted both manually and electronically with a remote control.  He points out that a standard concrete mixer is also manoeuvrable, but not as much as this concept.  At this moment it is truly unparalleled for a concrete mixer.