St vd Brink operates more efficient owing to twin loading Platforms of Pacton Curtainsider Trailers

2 May 2022

St vd Brink has been a loyal client of Pacton Trailers in Ommen for many years.  Multiple steered curtainsider trailers are built annually for the transport company by Pacton.  It consists of  compact 11 metres long biaxial semi-trailers, or 13,6 metres in length triaxial semi-trailers.  The semi-trailers almost always come with forklift adaptations.  Pacton has recently delivered 15 units of biaxial and triaxial semi-trailers for the family-owned company in Ermelo.  For the first time the delivery included a number of them with a second loading platform and the remainder with the facilities to realize a double loading platform if so desired. 

The second loading platform on the recently delivered Pacton curtainsider trailers can be assembled flexible, on the height needed for the specific transport.  The choice has been made to put the second loading platform on separate stake holders, rather than mounting it on the side posts that are fixed to the roof.  This allows for the extra loading platform to be assembled afterwards and for the sliding sheets and side posts to be used in the normal way.

Family-owned business

St vd Brink has been a real family-owned business since 1945 and currently has more than 800 employees.  The company has developed itself into a major modern, professional service provider.  Not only do they pay attention to the environment in their daily practice, but also cost reduction plays an important role.  Due to their modern fleet, which include a wide variety of semi-trailers, the size of the company and their nationwide coverage, St vd Brink is able to adapt quickly to changing transport needs.  Conditioned and unconditioned, bulk transport, tilt transport, crane transport and contract distribution.  One can also rely on St vd Brink for warehousing and extended services regarding planning. 

Their fleet is constantly kept up to date.  They have their own workshop, two service cars for service on the road 24 hours a day and trained mechanics who know the material inside out.  Furthermore, St vd Brink can independently carry out their own technical inspection of vehicles, tailgate inspection and STEK-inspection for the heat exchanger of the cooling engine. 


A large number of the 450 trucks owned by St vd Brink, are fuelled by the sustainable fuel HVO20.  This fuel consists of 20% HVO and 80% diesel.  The synthetic diesel is made of a variety of waste and residue streams and ensures that the CO2 emission is reduced by 13% compared to regular diesel.  It also contributes towards the reduction of particulate matter and nitrogen.

St vd Brink imposes high environmental objectives on themselves.   They strive to reduce at least 50% of their CO2 emission by 2025 opposed to 2020.

3000 solar panels and heat pumps ensure that a large part of their buildings is energy-neutral already.  Investing in electrical forklifts and participating in the Volvo Hybrid Consortium for example, for 20% fuel reduction are important contributions toward their sustainable strategy.

Forklift adaptation

The new Pacton semi-trailers (types TBD.235.T-EKP1 and TBD.342.T-EKP1) with the option of an extra loading platform fit in with the sustainable company vision of St vd Brink.

As mentioned before, the semi-trailers have been fitted with forklift adaptation constructions at the back, specifically for the Moffet type M4-25.4.  The galvanized supporting beams of the forklift frames are pneumatic operated to enhance operating convenience and speed. 

A sea of light

Both the short biaxials and the long triaxials have SAF air suspension with low maintenance axles and disk brakes. 

The rear axle is mounted on a pivot plate and is steered by means of a rod from the coupling.  The front axle is supplied with a lift axle through the EBS for driving empty with the forklift adaptation.  Furthermore, the semi-trailers have been equipped with a Wabco EBS braking system with RSS and the steel rims have been supplied with Continental tyres. 

The semi-trailer has been fitted with LED lighting all around conspicuously more than the norm.  Besides the regular lighting with 2x2 round three-chamber rear LED lights and 2x4 flashing yellow LED side lamps, it is clear that that they have opted for a great number of LED working lamps.  A number of LED working lamps have been fitted to either side as well as on inside the construction.  The mini rear top marker LED lights with the functions of indicator light, brake light and rear light, stand out.  This use of lighting enhances the safety for the driver and also for other road users. 

Lavish execution

The Pacton curtainsider trailer consist of a heavy bulkhead with steel fixed posts, a steel rear portal with two flat aluminium salient rear doors and a 28 mm thick hardwood floor that has been equipped omega galvanized steel profiles. Both sides have been fitted with two or three Pacton side posts that can be placed as desired and are furnished with plank cups.  The four rows of pinewood planks can be placed in different positions and also on floor height, stacked three high.

The chassis has been supplied with a variety of load securing options, ranging from 2,5 tonnes tie hooks in the v-groove to 5 tonnes holes with a diameter of 32 mm in the side raves. Furthermore, multiple stake pockets have been placed in the centre as well as in the side raves and stake pockets against the outside of the main frames.  Specifically for the St vd Brink semi-trailer, the stakes have been placed in sets of three next to each other.  Support for stanchions have been placed to the left and the right of the wheelbase for total of 2x6 stanchions.  The positions of the stanchions have been selected carefully so that the second platform can be placed with ease.  The sliding hatch of the semi-trailers can be opened to the front, with the rear beam moving along and is closed up with a Carapax roof fabric with the St vd Brink overprint.

The Albers sliding sheets are made of high-quality 2x2 twin cable PVC tarpaulins, 860 g/m² and are supplied with either lettering or full-colour overprint.

The semi-trailers have been delivered with load securing certificates for 27 tonnes.