Lowik Bouw relies on Pacton

23 March 2021

Geert Muis from Lowik Bouw tended to the purchase of the drawbar trailer for Lowik Bouw.  The company with its 90 employees has a fleet consisting of one ne DAF CF truck and a recently acquired double axle Pacton centre axle drawbar trailer.  This brand-new combination does all the transport work and is used continuously, internationally and multifunctionally.

Geert Muis explains from their head office in Almelo that Lowik Bouw is a medium-sized construction company.  They realize construction projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany.  He claims that they are particularly good at non-residential building, retail and concrete construction, but that their specialities also include service stations, residential building, maintenance, renovation, shop conversion and restauration. 

A multifunctional drawbar trailer obviously requires customisation.  According to Geert Muis they strived to keep the combination within 18,75 m.  The drawbar trailer is therefore specified to be exactly 7,55 m in length.  Furthermore, they have chosen a low loading platform, width marker signs and twist locks for a 10 ft container among others.  Due to the fact that this drawbar trailer chassis is such an important part of their fleet, it is essential that it meets all requirements and more.  Muis continues to say that as a construction company they transport a wide variety of materials such as scaffolding equipment, units, prefabricated parts, building material, containers and much more. 

Popular all-rounder

Open execution centre axle drawbar trailers, with or without twist locks, are popular all-rounders when it comes to the transportation of construction material .  This double axle Pacton centre axle (type MXD.218.L-2) of 18 tonnes has an open trailer body without a bulkhead, a full hardwood floor of 28 mm with load securing provisions and stops.  There are row stake pockets from the left to the right, a stainless steel box, width marker signs and full LED lighting.  The drawbar trailer has a fixed drawbar of 1,4 m in length and Jost landing gear with sand shoes; two in the front and one at the back.  The SAF air suspension has two rigid, low-maintenance axles with drum brakes offering a rated capacity of 9,000 kg.  It is equipped with a raise-and-lower valve to the left, behind the axle group.  The v-groove of the side rave have been fitted with 2 x 10, 2,5 tonnes lashing rings (TÜV certified).  Stake pockets have been placed in the side rave as well as the front and the rear beam.

Less transport movement

 Before purchasing the new Pacton drawbar trailer, Lowik Bouw has worked with the open truck body only.  In the beginning of 2020 this has made place for a ne DAF CF, with a strong HIAB X-Hipro 418 truck-mounded crane to enhance their ability to load and unload independently.  The Pacton centre axle drawbar trailer has been attuned to this combination.  Muis explains that they are more flexible and are able to transport more with this combination.  He continues to say that volume plays a bigger role than weight and that this combination offers them the ability to carry more, resulting in less transport movement, lower fuel cost and better for the environment. 

Comfortable manoeuvring

The black centre axle drawbar trailer with its black axles and silver-grey rims, a white light pan and aluminium sideguards have been taken into use as splendid, representative combination.  Dennis Ensink, the regular driver, is also completely satisfied.  Ensink relates that they have consciously chosen a centre axle.  He has been a driver for the past 30 years and although he has been driving mainly with flatbed semi-trailers and timber carrying trucks, it was still a well thought-through decision to purchase a centre axle drawbar trailer.   If you have to rely on one trailer as a construction company for all delivery locations, it is certainly more comfortable to drive and easier to manoeuvrer in tight spaces.  The new combination offers this comfort.  On top of that, he says that don’t have to drive as much anymore.  Lowik Bouw’s services reaches further and further and even abroad.  The extra transport capacity is thus a big plus.  Driving 20 km up and down twice is one thing, but to Brussel and back it is preferable to take everything along the first time, says Ensink.

The Pacton range seemed to fit the requirements of Lowik Bouw the best, according to Ensink.  In his opinion the range combined with a positive feeling were the decisive factors.  Adding to that is the fact that the trailer builder is relatively close to Almelo.  Ensink says that he often passes Ommen on his way to the northern parts of the Netherlands.  It is easy to pull up if necessary.