Every chauffeur wants to drive in the new Floor

4 October 2022

The six new Pacton/Floor semi-trailers for Rumping Transport in Beverwijk have been received with enthusiasm by the management as well as the drivers.  Jaap Rumping says that the semi-trailers have been nicknamed ‘Floortje’ in-house and everyone wants to drive in it.  The new semi-trailers are utilised for a variety of open transport across the whole of South West Europe and in particular the Benelux, France and Germany.

Rumping Transport receives six rigid triaxial semi-trailer chassis of the floor type TXD.342.L422 in a phased delivery from Pacton Trailers in Ommen.  With a maximum load on the kingpin of 15 tonnes and three nine tonnes axles, the gross vehicle weight adds up to 42 tonnes.  The 13,64 metres long Pacton semi-trailer has been fitted with the latest bulkhead, known as Solid, for this type of semi-trailer.  The TÜV certified bulkhead for up to 35 tonnes is available in a number of standard heights, in this case 1,70 metres.  The BPW air suspension with drum brakes is supported by six steel rims of 22,5 x 11,75.  It has been fitted with a Wabco electronically regulated compressed-air brakes EBS type 2S/2M, a Wabco RSS anti-roll system, two ISO connections and a parking brake by means of spring brakes.  The shiplapped hardwood floor is 28 millimetres thick.  Eight twist lock plates have been fitted into the floor to position 40 ft and 2 x 20 ft containers.  2 x 12 Stake pockets have been placed in the side beam, four rows of stake pockets across the width and 2 x 8 eight tonnes lashing rings in the side raves for cargo securing and compartmentalisation.  The charming and completely finished in colour Floor semi-trailers, with its attractive and typical Floor rear, are metal sprayed to enhance its lifespan.  An abundance of options ensures that these semi-trailers are out-and-out complete.  The whole of the lighting is executed in LED, including the beacon on a support in the light box with a switch on the bulkhead.  Furthermore, it has been equipped with a stainless-steel toolbox and a zinc coated open storage box to the width of the semi-trailer.

Family-owned business since 1928

Jaap and Niels Rumping, the fourth generation, are at the helm.  Their great-grandfather, J.W.J. Rumping has founded the transport company in 1928.  Rumping Transport is specialised in the transportation of steel, pallets and bulk truck loads internationally.  The services offered by Rumping focus mainly on a variety of construction material and machinery.  Besides that, the platform trailers are frequently utilised for the transportation of large tents and temporary accommodation for big events.  The diversity in its usage requires multifunctional and functional semi-trailers that can take a knock.  Jaap Rumping explains that they go to the most beautiful locations such as underneath the Eiffel Tower and that requires good material and excellent drivers.  He adds that their turnover among their 85 drivers is small.  He emphasises that as an almost 100-year family-owned company, they operate in a personal and human-orientated fashion and according to honest norms and values.

Multifunctional custom fit

Rumping Transport operates with 85 drivers and external workers and a fleet of 75 trucks and 125 semi-trailers.  The fleet include tanksilos, city trailers with forklift adaptation (and mobile cranes|), curtain siders for the transportation of coil and platform semi-trailers.  According to Rumping they are able to keep their services highly flexible due to the fact that they have their own workshop and are not reliant on third parties.  Regarding their recent choice for Pacton, he explains that his father, Jaap senior, has had positive experiences working  with Floor semi-trailers many moons ago.  He continues that the semi-trailers are sturdy and solid with a low empty weight and stand out with its carefully finish and well thought-through details.  According to him, they have made enquiries at Pacton too, which is also a highly committed Dutch company, in their search for new platform semi-trailers.  The first three semi-trailers have been delivered already and they are beautiful.  He adds that it is not a coincidence that the chauffeurs gladly drive with a ‘Floortje’.  In line with their multifunctional deployment, the semi-trailers have been custom made and fitted with many stakes, heavy lashing rings, twist locks and efficient storage possibilities.  All of these ensure optimal division and utilisation possibilities for different kinds of cargo.  Rumping summarises that ‘Floortje’ is a jack-of-all-trades.