Smit Transport picks complete Floor Step Deck Trailer

14 June 2021

Smit Transport ltd. from Kampen has been active in the distribution of building supplies and exceptional transport on an international scale since 1980.  Dick Smit (69), founder of the company, is still actively involved and is joined in the running of the company by his sons Frans and Dirk.  A divergency of clients in the building sector are attended to by the 25 employees.  Smit Transport has recently purchased a new Floor triaxial, steered and extendable step deck trailer (type Flusdo-18-30), serving as an expansion on their current fleet.

Smit Transport is specialised in the distribution of building supplies and exceptional transport, among others.  Another specialty of theirs is the transportation of building supplies by crane semi-trailers, which enables them to load and unload independently.  The fleet of Smit Transport consist of 18 trucks, a crane combination and a large number of semi-trailers, including step deck trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, curtain-side trailers and crane semi-trailers.  They work with mobile craners of 16 up to 85 tonnes/metre.  Smit Transport has its own workshop in Kampen which are kept in excellent condition continually by two employees.

The new Floor semi-trailer is combined with a new DAF crane puller.  For this reason, it was crucial to draw up the correct length requirements.  The Pacton semi-trailer is 11,5 m long, ensuring that the combination with the crane puller falls exactly within the legal requirements of both the Netherlands and Germany.  The combination is 21,5 m in length when the trailer is extended the maximum of five metres from the floor base.  Exemption is not required for indivisible loads in the Netherlands, but for Germany it must be acquired.  Pacton took this burden off the shoulders of Smit Transport by supplying them with a so-called ‘paragraph 70’exemption on delivery.  Dirk Smit (28) says that Pacton delivers goods made to measure and that this is of great importance to their company.  He explains that they are able switch quickly and effortlessly by making their material widely deployable.  He adds that every driver can do just about everything.  They have extensive experience with the trailer builder in Ommen and as recently as last year Smit Transport has taken a new crane semi-trailer from Pacton into use.  Dirk emphasizes that they have explored all options, but that they were most satisfied with the custom work, delivery time, price and quality of Pacton. 

Specification to stipulation

Dirk states that close consultation with the trailer builder during the specification phase is of great importance. One has to consider the requirements both in practice and by legislation. Smit Transport generally chooses complete executions.  This implies that they are not all too stingy when it comes to the specifications of a semi-trailer.  He continues to say that some choices are not based on everyday use, but for the occasional need.  It goes without saying that twist locks, a loading-through ramp, and equalising frames on the bulkhead are included.  Furthermore, they have special recesses in the floor to accommodate, for example, tilted transportation of concrete floors or walls when it is required to keep within the height requirements. 

The semi-trailer has obviously been furnished with an array of securing options and stake pockets, including three rows of stake pockets across. The richly executed semi-trailer has been equipped with LED (work) lights, LED side lamps, LED position lamps, stainless steel support for width warning signs, sideguards by means of stainless-steel boxes, stanchion boxes, SKF central lubrication and an open storage box, among others. 

The load on the kingpin of the semi-trailer is 18,000 kg, the axle load is technically 30,000 kg and legally 27,000 kg. The gross vehicle weight is 48,000 kg and legally 45,000 kg. The second and third axles are self tracking hydraulic (Tridec HF-E) forced steered.  Steering is possible both forward and backwards without any blocking.  In addition, the system has a Tritronic wireless manual control which offers the ability to set the straighten the axles automatically. The extendable section of the semi-trailer has been executed with pretension with compressed-air control.  Every 500 mm has been supplied with a fitting position. The BPW air suspension has a rated capacity of 12,000 kg per axle.  The front axle has been fitted with a lift axle electrically operated from the cabin.


The new Pacton step deck trailer is multifariously deployed for work activities of a villa/bungalow builder.  Smit explains that not only do they carry a lot of building supplies to the building site, but they are also involved in the cleaning up at the end when containers and other material are transported. The diversity of their loads become clear as Smit continues to say that they also transport complete dormers and that they assist with the installation thereof.  Besides the trailers being kept up-to-date, but this summer they also expect to add two new trucks in Kampen, a Volvo and a Scania, says Dirk Smit from the inside of his truck cabin.  His seven-year-old son Dylano, who may join his dad in the cabin for the ride, spontaneously and enthusiastically makes his excitement known at the prospect of yet another celebration.