Ten Lowdeck Semi-Trailers as all-rounders for Elvex

20 November 2020

Elvex B.V. from Vlaardingen has recently put a series of ten new Pacton open semi-trailers into use.  For the flexible transportation of the great diversity of loads throughout Europe, an abundant amount of stanchions and securing provisions have been placed together with twist locks, a raised bulkhead and two running positions.  In recent years there have been an increasing demand for lowdeck transportation.  A few centimetres make a world of difference.  Dispensation free driving saves both time and money.  Walter van Nierop from Elvex ltd. says that these new Pacton semi-trailers are the all-rounders in their daily transportation practices. 

The ten open, triaxial lowdeck Mega semi-trailers (type LXD.342.L) for Elvex have running positions for coupling heights of 950 mm or 1150 mm.  The loading platforms are barely a metre from the ground when they are in the lowest running position.  The semi-trailers are used for transportation within the Benelux and for ferry transport to the United Kingdom and Ireland.  The ten Pacton semi-trailers with aluminium sideguards, each has a maximum load on the kingpin of 15,000 kg, a total axle weight of 27,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 42,000 kg.  The unladen weight is 7,450 kg.  The SAF air suspension offers two running positions with a stroke of 140 mm.  The neck height is 75 mm and the chassis height at its lowest is 1,025 mm.  There are eight twist locks for 1 x 40 ft and 2 x 20 ft containers.  The steel bulkhead is 1,950 mm in height.

Van Nierop explains that they transport a variety of material, machines, products and containers with these semi-trailers with lengths of 13,5 m.  They have decided on two running positions, enabling them to make the maximum use of height.  In addition, he says that they have the possibility to place steel plates at the rear for the transportation of machines.  The TÜV certified bulkhead is almost 2 m in height.  According to Van Nierop this has been chosen to transport voluminous and mostly not too heavy material, such as plastic tubes, safely. 

Around the globe

Elvex is part of LV Shipping & Transport, an international logistics service provider which are specialized in road transport, special transport, ocean freight and airfreight, warehousing and large international logistics projects in the gas, energy and the offshore industries.  The group has locations in Europe, Asia, America and Saudi Arabia.

The LV Shipping & Transport group was founded in the Netherlands in 1921 under the name J. Lensveld & Zonen B.V.  The family owned company started with horse and carriage.  The head office is still located in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands.  Elvex was established in 1977 especially for ferry transport to the United Kingdom.  Currently the company has 12 branches.  Elvex is in possession of a hundred semi-trailers which include curtainsider trailers, stepdeck trailers and open trailers.  The association between Elvex and Pacton as supplier goes back decades.  Van Nierop substantiates in short that it all comes down to quality for them.  In addition, the possibility to design a semi-trailer to fit their needs was taken into account as well.  He explains that their stanchion distribution for example, is very specific and elaborate and that this already causes a problem for many standard suppliers. 

Securing and compartmentalisation

2 x 20 stake pockets have been built in the length into the side raves of the chassis of the new semi-trailers.  Besides that, two rows of stake pockets have been placed in the width approximately 2,2 m from the from of the chassis.  About a metre from the front in the neck another rows of stake pockets have been placed.  Against the inside of the main beam yet another 2 x 2 stake pockets have been placed.  Lashing rings have been made in the side raves 47 cm apart.  2 x 4 folding ferry eyes have fitted underneath the chassis and 2 x 11 lashing rings in the side raves. Van Nierop states that a multifunctional semi-trailer requires the maximum amount of securing options.