New Pacton tautliners optimise loading and unloading at Cevotrans

19 February 2024

Cevotrans in Oisterwijk purchased eight Pacton tautliners in 2023. The first series of four were delivered in the first quarter of the year, and the most recent series arrived in early November. With a large number of custom Pacton trailers in their fleet, Cevotrans enjoys maximum flexibility in loading, unloading and transport. “With a hitch height of 1.05 meters, we can stay just under a total height of four meters, while keeping a loading height of 2.72 meters on the sides and rear. The higher we can stack our ‘packages’, the better”, explains Cevotrans transport manager Bart Donders.

The new curtainsider trailers were purchased to replace older models, but they are no strangers in their new home. A total of 25 out of Cevotrans’ fleet of 29 trailers bear the Pacton brand name. Some of the trailers have been in daily use at Cevotrans for more than 15 years. Together with 12 tractor lorries, the tautliners work in a constant rotation at Cevotrans. Cevotrans was founded as a transport firm in 1973. Since then, Cevotrans has proven that it places a high priority on reliable deliveries, flexibility and care for the products they carry. Cevotrans is a subsidiary of Unilin Insulation in Oisterwijk, which is active in the insulation panel and roof element markets. Unilin is in turn part of the American exchange-listed firm Mohawk Industries Inc., the global market leader in floor coverings. Unilin works with architects and contractors to find the most suitable insulation solution for each product. Cevontrans is responsible for the transport of the building and insulation materials that Unilin produces in the Netherlands and Belgium to wholesalers and building sites. But Cevotrans also offers professional transport services for other businesses; around 20 percent of the transports are commissioned by third parties. Cevotrans is mainly specialised in the transport of bulky building products, and has a wide load permit for up to 3.5 meters. Since the products are delivered to private parties, companies and building sites, Cevotrans carries its own forklifts to help load and unload the cargo.

Cevotrans transport manager Bart Donders: “We arrange all of Unilin’s own transport, but we also transport professional cargo for third parties. That often involves large volumes that we load and unload ourselves. Things like building materials, but also playground equipment, flower planters and scaffolding.”

Lifting roof

The new type TBD.342. DEKP-1 curtainsider trailers have a hitch load of 15 tonnes and a total axle load of 27 tonnes. The chassis is equipped with a ‘monkey bar’ construction on the rear. The three-axle BPW pneumatic suspension has its rear axle mounted on a turntable, and can be steered by means of a rod connected to the clutch/coupling. The front axle is equipped with a manually operated axle lift.

The trailer has a hydraulically operated roof lift with a sliding roof cover. The Arton curtain sides are made of high-quality 2 x 2 double-woven 860 g/m2 PVC canvas, and were delivered by Pacton including the advertising design. The trailers feature extra lights, including 2 x 2 round Hella rear lights, a round Hella fog light and reverse light, 2 x 4 yellow Aspöck LED side lights under the bed, 2 white Aspöck width markers at the front, 2 white Aspöck LED top lights at the front, 2 red Aspöck LED top lights at the rear, 2 work lights near the landing gear, and 2 work lights on the rear fender post.

The 28 mm hardwood floor features steel omega profiles. Both sides are fitted with three freely adjustable stanchions, equipped with reinforced trucks and fixed plank holders. There are four rows of aluminium frame planks that can be mounted at 40 mm, 700 mm, 1,165 mm, 1,630 mm and 2,100 mm from the floor. The frame planks can also be stowed on the floor in three layers when not in use.

The other features include an automatic lubrication system, a rear-view camera, a ‘monkey cage’ rear bumper with extendable sections to the left and right, 2 x 19 tie eyes around the edges, 7 stake tubes along the centreline, 4 x 3 stake tubes along the sides, a storage rack to the left front of the axles, a vinyl tool box and an extendable ladder at the rear.

Large volume, low weight

By mounting smaller diameter tyres (385-55), the new curtainsider trailers have a load height at the sides of only 2.72 meters. The roof can also be lifted hydraulically to make it even easier to load or unload with the lorry-mounted forklift, considering the oversized cargo that Cevotrans transports on a daily basis. To balance the weight of the forklift carried at the rear, the trailers are fitted with a 700 kg counterweight in the front bulkhead. Donders: “We often transport cargoes that have large volumes, but proportionally low weight. These custom features on the Pacton trailers really make our daily transport work much easier.”