Oegema equips new Pacton semi-flatbed trailer with first-ever electric crane

19 April 2023

Located in Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, transport and logistics company Oegema Transport recently began using a new Pacton tri-axle, dual-axle-operated semi-flatbed trailer of the SUD.345.L-BS model. With a total permissible weight of 45,000 kilograms and designed to transport cable reels, it is the first-ever trailer designed by Oegema to be equipped with an electric crane: a 28 tonne/metre HMF 2820K-RCS. Fleet Manager Erwin Jacobs: ‘Since we expect to see a growing number of building sites in the coming years that require emission-free construction machinery and vehicles from suppliers, we are investing in the opportunity to gain experience with an electric lorry, truck-mounted forklift and crane.’

The new Pacton semi-flatbed trailer has a rear frame height of 90cm and a neck height of 138cm. The frame, fortified by Pacton to add solidity and support, has been adapted to facilitate the assembly of a crane directly behind the gooseneck. The BPW air suspension comprises three low-maintenance axels, with a technical payload per axel of 9,000 kilograms. In order to reduce torque in the axels while cornering, the two rear axels are designed as a knuckle axle, with a Tridec two-bar operating system. The vehicle is driven by a clutch disc, which is equipped with a self-adjusting operating wedge. Operation is possible both in forward motion and when reversing, without blocking. The front axis has a fully automatic axel lift through the EBS and provides axle relief at the front axle as a driving assistance system (up to 30 km/h). The EBS facilitates axle load sensoring, while a return-to-ride (RTR) switch is also provided.

Signature style

The trailer has been fully designed in Oegema’s signature colours – grey with Palomino green – and is fully lit by LED lights. The 28-milimetre hardwood floor is fitted with a steel profile with punctures to allow the cable reels to be affixed correctly. The fixed, steel front wall is 1.70 metres in height, with an openwork section measuring 60 centimetres. The Pacton semi-flatbed trailer has aluminium side boards at the neck and the lower part, along with an aluminium backboard.

Accessories include a towbar, rope hooks on the left and right below the edge profile, 2x 16 Pacton 2.5-tonne tie hooks in the edge trims (including TUV certificate), two stainless steel toolboxes, and central grease lubrication.

Trial with emission-free vehicles

Oegema purchased the Pacton semi-flatbed trailer to expand its fleet, as it already had two of these vehicles. The new trailer transports cable reels throughout the Benelux region to supply construction and infrastructure projects. “We are conducting practical trials with an electric lorry, a truck-mounted forklift and an electric crane on the Pacton semi-flatbed trailer. Jacobs: “The accumulator unit ensures that the crane can be self-operated, and the crane is charged on our premises overnight. In addition to the electric crane, we have ordered five electric Volvo FLE lorries, the first one of which was supplied to the business recently. Besides these lightweight box trucks, we also intend to start trialling an electric trailer after the summer, and we’re currently using an electric Terberg Kinglifter truck-mounted forklift.” 

Family business

The first-ever lorry purchased by Oegema Transport (which has been operating as a family business since 1919) is proudly parked outside the company’s headquarters in Dedemsvaart. This beautifully restored vehicle is a throwback to the early years of the business, which is currently run by the fourth generation: the brothers Sibbele and Gerlof.  Each brother has his own responsibilities, with Sibbele serving as managing director and Gerlof being the technical expert.

Oegema Transport provides transport and logistics services to its customers in the Benelux region and across Europe, as well as managing global transport processes by car, boat, train and on an intermodal basis. The company also offers Warehousing, Forwarding, Logistic Engineering, Garage and Truckwash services. At almost 500 in number, drivers make up the bulk of Oegema’s employees. Its in-house workshop, which employs some 20 people, also serves third parties for vehicle inspections, maintenance and repairs.

High quality

The new Pacton trailer is merely the latest addition to an already extensive collection of Pacton vehicles: there are 400 trailers in the Oegema fleet – including taut liners, drop-side semitrailers, closed-box semitrailers, four-wheel trailers, flatbed trailers, silo trucks and LHVs (some include truck-mounted forklifts) and 158 of these vehicles have been supplied by Ommen-based Pacton Trailers. The two companies maintain a cordial relationship which goes back many years. Jacobs describes the basis for their relationship: ‘Pacton is a local supplier that provides high-quality customised solutions.’