26 October 2020

The new extendible Pacton stepdeck trailer for Arie Swijnenburg Transports situated in Ottoland, between Utrecht and Rotterdam, has been executed completely to the requirements of the family-owned business.  Johan Swijnenburg, the daily driver, can’t hide suppress his enthusiasm.  He explains that the semi-trailer has been executed with sustainability, safety and primarily comfort in mind.  Every imperative action, from extending, compartmentalisation or fixation  and storage to the long load marker sign, is simply click, clack, boom and it is done.

Johan Swijnenburg drives a beautiful new combination.  The DAF CF Space Cab from 2019 has four axles and a Fassi F710RA.2.28 crane (71 tonnes/metre).  It is extendable to 20 metres by standard, but complemented with a Jib up to 30 metres.  It is combined with a tailor-made Pacton triaxial steered extendible stepdeck trailer (type SYD.348.L).  The long truck with crane remains behind with the retracted semi-trailer (10,7 metres long) and falls precisely within the regulatory requirements.  For longer indivisible loads, the semi-trailer can be extended with 4,5 metres which makes the combination 22 metres long.

Swijnenberg explains that he had been working with a standard stepdeck trailer from a different manufacturer for years and once they were due to replace it, they opted for custom fit intentionally.  He adds that he is on the road with this combination on a daily basis and that it is their longest and heaviest crane vehicle.  Due to the custom work, they were able to meet the regulatory length requirements with ease.  Besides that, it was of importance to have seven stanchion rows across of which three in the gooseneck.  That allows him to secure various cargo properly, even if it has a round form.  That explains his choice for a more than adequate amount of lashing rings, which are eight tonnes and TÜV certified, and a robust hardwood floor of 40 mm thick.  It had to be sustainable, sturdy and stable mainly.

Custom made defines user friendliness

The Pacton stepdeck trailer has three SAF steered axles that can also be operated manually with the Tritronic remote control from the cabin of the pulling vehicle.  The maximum load on king pin is 18 tonnes and the gross vehicle weight is 48 tonnes.  The stepdeck trailer has been acquired especially to meet all their needs and desires according to Johan Swijnenburg.  This includes the utmost user friendliness as  the row of stanchions across on the gooseneck proves.  He relates that their clients focus particularly on safety and that one can prevent shifting of heavy loads behind the neck by creating an extra bulkhead, so to speak, with the stanchions.  A stepdeck trailer normally has a storage box in the front on the gooseneck, but they have traded it in for a straight bulkhead.  Subsequently they have utilised the underside fully for storage facility.  He emphasises that Pacton has solved it very well by filling up the space between the front axle to the front of the semi-trailer completely with stainless steel boxes.  He adds that one never has enough storage space, taking into account the amount of material that needs to be taken along.  It still fascinates him that half of the boxes move to the front when the semi-trailer is extended, while the other half stays behind.  Not only is it practical, but is also beautiful to see. 

Extending the semi-trailer is easy and effortless.  He says that he puts the truck on the handbrake and presses the locking button and then he can move it.  The extension system has pneumatical locking cylinders.  No fuss.  That is also the case for smaller solutions, like the long load marker sign in a tube which is one of their last requests that kept Pacton quite busy.  He needs not fret about with loose boards any more.  He explains that he only has to pull the tube out to the end of the load, put the marker up and plug it in and all that done in 3 minutes.  Also handy is the mounted equator on the bulkhead.  Swijnenburg exclaims that everything gets done swiftly on this semi-trailer.

40 year a family owned business

Arie Swijnenburg Transports has been active for the last 40 years.  The family owned business focusses on the transportation of steel,  construction material, railroad equipment and other large equipment, among others, through the Netherlands, Germany and the Benelux.  The foundation of their service is formed by experienced drivers and a young modern fleet. 

Due to semi-trailers with mobile craners, the company is able to flexibly load and unload themselves.  All of their vehicles have been equipped with a pallet hook or a brick clamp.  Lorry mounted forklift transportation is also taken care of.  The company has a ‘mini-truck’ available for smaller, lighter transport.  It has been set up for the transportation of pallets or partial goods.  It is also used for speed transport.  Arie Swijnenburg (62) works with his wife Bets, his three sons Johan, Constantijn and Jan-Arie and his daughter Simone in the company.  All three sons and his daughter are drivers and they are responsible for their own daily planning.   Johan describes it as quick, direct and clear.  He says that if you are enthusiastic and deliver good work, clients will notice it and work will follow automatically. 

Johan Swijnenburg transports a great diversity of building supplies and special large loads on a daily basis with his new DAF-Pacton combination.  The loads include parts of pithead towers, containers (the semi-trailer has been furnished with twistlocks)  and machines (ramps at the rear), bundles of steel and construction sheds.  Everything can be transported according to Johan Swijnenurg.  Even though the company is active in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxemburg, he mainly transports building supplies within the Netherlands.  Arie Swijnenburg Transports work with 11 trucks and about 13 trailers of which many are of the Pacton/Floor brand.  Johan Swijnenburg says that Pacton is an exceedingly strong Dutch product.  Above all, in Ommen they really take time for the customer.  He has been invited on a tour of the plant in Ommen and was truly impressed.  From a price-technical point of view, he finds Pacton to be reasonable.  In conclusion, he says that they will most certainly make use of the expertise of Pacton in the future again.  The Pacton service point of Toscon in Hoogvliet makes their daily business easier as well.