Compact three-axle Pacton/Kennis crane trailer for Bouwcenter Nieuwegein

30 August 2023

Bouwcenter Nieuwegein recently purchased a steered, three-axle Pacton/Kennis crane trailer to go with its Scania R530 tractor unit. The new pair will replace an old Euro 5 bucket truck with crane, due in part to the introduction of low-emission zones in Dutch cities. "We had our mind set on a tri-axle trailer because of the payload, but wanted it to be as short as possible in order to navigate tight spots and residential areas."

The new Pacton/Kennis crane trailer (TPD.348.C-B) measures just over 10 meters in length, making it the shortest trailer produced by the Ommen-based company. The trailer has a tongue weight of 18 tonnes and three axles rated at 10 tonnes, producing a rated gross vehicle weight of 48 tonnes. The empty weight of the crane trailer is 8,750 kg and it is even EN 12642 XL certified to guarantee that it satisfies structural strength requirements.

Bouwcenter Nieuwegein fitted the trailer with a 14-tonne/meter Kennis crane. At the driver’s special request, the black trailer with aluminium trim was equipped with ample LED lighting and work lights all around. The removable aluminum sideboards and aluminum rims contrast nicely with the black trailer.

Ultimate control

The main beams of the trailer body also serve as crane tracks, with a crane track width of 1.30 meters, and the trailer is also equipped with fixed crane ramps. The familiar Pacton/Kennis rear comes with a removable light box and bumper bar.

The BPW air suspension has three rigid, low-maintenance axles with drum brakes, with a technical axle capacity of 11,000 kg each. The third axle is equipped with 2 height control valves. The two rear command steer axles are controlled by a Pacton two-rod steering system linked to the fifth wheel, both in forward and reverse transmission. The front axle is liftable. The electronic Wabco air brake system (EBS type 2S/2M) is equipped with an anti-tipping system (Wabco RSS).

Complete package

The trailer was fitted with six 22.5 x 9.00” Alcoa Durabright rims and six steel rims with Goodyear tires, 295/80 R22.5 KMAX-S. There are LED lights all around, including rear lights, fog lights and reversing/working lights to side lights, stem lights and side marker lights. The removable aluminum headboard stands at 1.60 and comes with a 40 cm attachment. The five hinged, removable side boards on each side are made of aluminum and are 1 m tall. The kinnegrip pillars are also made of aluminum. There are twelve lasing eyes in the V-groove on each side of the trailer.  The crane trailer has driver steps and handles at the rear and stainless steel boxes on the left and right hand side.

After the welding was completed, the entire trailer body was grit blasted, galvanised and painted in two-component primer with a finish in two-component body paint.

Builder’s merchant and showroom

Bouwcenter Nieuwegein has been operating in the middle of the Netherlands for over 10 years from its base at Het Klooster industrial estate in Nieuwegein. The company mainly supplies contractors, construction companies and DIY and maintenance companies, but consumers are also welcome. In the 700 sqm shop, you’ll find everything you need for any job that needs doing: tools, fasteners, adhesives and sealants, work and safety gear, plastering materials and installation materials. The showroom, on the other hand, hosts a wide range of display kitchens, wall and floor tiles, bathroom furniture, interior/exterior doors, facing bricks and roof tiles.

Practical advice

In addition to its brand-new Scania/Pacton combination, Bouwcenter Nieuwegein also has a four-axle Volvo bucket truck with crane. The vehicles are used every day, proving their worth in the greater Utrecht area. The bulk of transportation jobs to contractors and consumers, however, is outsourced to carriers, who referred Bouwcenter Nieuwegein to Pacton Trailers. "We submitted enquiries to several trailer builders, but since the prices were all very similar, we took the advice of our fellow carriers to heart. In the end, it’s fair to say that Pacton Trailers delivered on its promise: it’s an excellent product at a competitive price.”