Flexible Crane Semi-Traier unburdens Jaco Stam in Stone Transportation

18 May 2021

Jaco Stam started his own transport company in 2019 after he has worked for the transport company of H.,J. Smits from Giessen for a number of years.  Since then, he has taken care of transportation for the same client throughout the Netherlands and Belgium with his own truck and their Pacton/Kennis crane semi-trailer.  Jaco has recently acquired his own brand-new Pacton/Kennis steered crane semi-trailer (type TTD.454.C-B).  It is fully equipped, realised according to his wishes and a magnificently executed.

H.J. Smits specialises in the transportation of stone of all forms, formats, quantities and applications.  The transport, provided by Jaco Stam Transport from Wijk and Aalburg, frequently consists of facing bricks and/or large bags of gravel.  The new Kennis semi-trailer from Pacton is therefore mainly utilised in the traditional manner as a stone semi-trailer.  Jaco relates that he has already owned a double axle puller which made the choice for a semi-trailer with four axles pretty easy.  Given the fact that he has been familiar with the Pacton product already, he says that he chose an execution that is almost identical to that of his client.  If it is good, one needs not change it,  he adds.

The main beams of the new crane semi-trailer also serve as crane rails  (crane rail width 1,300 mm).  The 14 tonnes/metre used Kennis crane was bought by Stam and subsequently overhauled completely, coated and inspected in close collaboration with Rienk Smits (director of H.J. Smits Transport).

Residential areas

The maximum load on the kingpin is 18,000 kg, the axle load is 36,000 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 54,000 kg.  Due to the fact that deliveries are often made to private individuals in residential areas, Stam has selected a flexible, steered semi-trailer with  SAF air suspension , four low maintenance rigid axles with disc brakes and a rated capacity of 9,000 kg each.  The first axle can be lifted, the last two axles can be forced steered by means of a Pacton double shaft lock system steered from the king pin.  The axle bogie has been embellished with eight Alcoa Durabright rims.

Parting beams

Together with the DAF XF 480, Jaco Stam has a dazzling combination that was made in the Netherlands.  Furthermore, Stam explains that the many parting beams in the floor enables him to place additional bulkheads for partitioning and part loads.  With partitioning and securing of the load in mind, a series of lashing rings, rope hooks and Kinnegrip stanchions in aluminium execution have been fitted.  Besides that, the semi-trailer has six hinged side drops of one metre in height on each side.

By fitting the semi-trailer with built-in LED lighting, aluminium rims and large stainless steel toolboxes on the left and right side of the wheelbase, the completed semi-trailer forms a pleasing picture.