Flexible Pacton Semi Extendable Supports Corporate Vision of van den Boom Transport

20 October 2021

Van den Boom Transport from Weert in Limburg is a well-known Pacton client, but they have recently purchased their first extendable Pacton step deck semi-trailer for the company.  The triaxial, steered trailer (type SYD.348.LU-B) is combined with a puller with a crane whereby the chassis length of the retracted trailer is 12 metres and can be extended with a further 5,8 metres. 

The axles of the new Pacton trailer are hydraulic steered knuckles by means of both a Tridec HF-E steering system and with a remote control for optimal manoeuvrability.  With an axle load of

30,000 kg and the maximum load on the kingpin of 15,000 kg, the gross vehicle weight mount up to 45,000 kg.  The chassis has been executed with a central beam.  The interior beam is an assembled chassis beam with latching holes.  The exterior beam  is an assembled chassis beam with welded double stops.  The pneumatic locking system offers steps of 500 mm.

According to Eveline Harts-Van den Boom, co-director of Van den Boom Transport, custom fit in both the length and the axle assembly is essential for the transport activities that they perform.  She adds that their growth in recent years lies mostly in their specialisms and that the independent loading and unloading with lorry mounted cranes are of utmost importance in the accomplishment thereof.  The transportation of partial loads throughout the Netherlands with their own loading and unloading resources, varying from pallet sized to full loads, is another popular service that they offer.  Van den Boom explains that building sites are not always spacious, hence a manoeuvrable semi-trailer is crucial.  She argues that custom work in measurements ensures optimal deployability.

Construction related

The newly acquired Pacton step deck semi-trailer has been acquired to serve as expansion of their current fleet.  The fleet consists of 27 trucks of which a part is equipped with mobile craners of up to 65 tonnes/metre, and a wide variety of pulled material including platform trailers, crane semi-trailers, curtain-siders, step deck trailers and a couple of extendable semi-trailers.  Semi-trailers with forklift adaptation are also used frequently to meet the growing demand on the specialties of Van den Boom.

All of their transport is related to the construction industry and takes place from Limburg throughout the Netherlands and parts of Belgium and Germany.  The new extendable step deck semi-trailer from Pacton is used for the transportation of a wide variety of material, such as crane tracks, beams and frames. 

The new Pacton semi-trailer is fully equipped for this purpose.  The SAF Modul air-suspension system with its low-maintenance axles with drum brakes, rests on 12 steel rims with dimensions of 17,5 x 6,75 (hub centred) and Goodyear tyres (245/70 R 17,5 RHT).  The first axle has been fitted with an axle lift.  The exquisite Pacton semi-trailer has a hardwood floor of 28 mm in thickness, a fixed steel bulkhead of 5 mm thick and a height of 1,4 metres.   Two aluminium side drops have been placed on either side of the bulkhead as well as six aluminium side drops of 600 mm in height on the lower side. 

With regards to load securing, two times twelve lashing rings (Ancra 2 tonnes TÜV certified) have been placed in the side raves.  Furthermore, there are an abundance of stake pockets, 2 x 7 in the length, and six rows of stake pockets crossways with holes to accommodate strap belts.  Optional features on the semi-trailer include side drops, width marker signs, Groeneveld lubrication, an intermediate table to make optimal use of the length when pulled by a normal truck, and two long load supports.  In addition, there are  four stainless steel boxes, an open storage box and locking pins at the rear end for the ramps.


Van den Boom Transport as a family-owned company has offered qualitative and fast transport, since it was founded in 1961.  As from 2010 the management team consists of Eveline Harts-Van den Boom, Hans Jeurninck and Frank Linders.  The company currently has 35 employees of which 26 are drivers.  Harts-Van den Boom expresses that they are dominant in the distribution of  a variety of material of up to 25 tonnes.  She adds that what is collected today, is delivered the following day throughout the Netherlands.  They aim to be just as flexible in their organisation as they are with their fleet, with the diversity of loads in mind.  Harts-Van den Boom explains that they can meet the varying demand of their clients with their diverse and modern fleet, their service oriented employees and their efficient planning division.