Pacton “Energy” at the IAA Mobility Fair in Hanover

12 September 2022

At this year’s IAA fair in Hanover (Hall 25, C61), Pacton will be presenting two new trailers, the highlight being a self-steering Energy Trailer (TBD.342.L-KS-E) with a generator axis and battery kit. The new trailer independently facilitates the powering of electric auxiliaries, without the need of any truck. Zero-emission distribution is the future, while we are also seeing a sharp increase in the use of electric auxiliaries and equipment.

The Pacton ‘Energy’ trailer, featuring a Power Pack (11 kWh lithium ion) and generator axis, is not limited to one type of trailer, but rather usable for several types of customized applications and designs. The current models are nine-tonne generator axes with a maximum capacity of 20 kW. The trailer presented at the IAA is a 42-tonne, 3-axis flat trailer, the central axis of which is a generator axis. Designed in attractive metallic black with orange rims, the trailer has a 27-tonne axel load and a 15-tonne kingpin loading. Electric power is generated while the trailer is in motion, with no need to make any adjustments to the trailer. Pacton’s ‘Energy’ trailer generates electricity without using diesel and without emissions, and is extremely quiet during operation. The rear axle of the trailer presented at the IAA is self-steering, while the trailer can also accommodate a transportable forklift truck. Pacton has high expectations of its ‘Energy’ trailer, and production of the new system is scheduled to start later this year. Our Pacton ‘Energy’ trailer features a powerful, self-loading power pack for electric systems and devices, ranging from a concrete mixer, water pump and cooling device to a movable crane and transportable forklift truck. All these features are clean, quiet, standalone and future-proof.

Self-steering extendible semitrailer

At the IAA, Pacton will also present a FLOOR 3-axis, hydraulically operated and extendible semitrailer (type: FLUO-18-30H3). The beautifully designed trailer (for Combex in the town of Eastermar in Friesland province) has a length of 13.5 metres and can be extended to nearly 21 metres. With an axel load of 30 tonnes, the trailer has a permissible weight of 48 tonnes. The hydraulic operating system controls the axel through two separate hydraulic systems. The front axis has an axel lift via the EBS. The trailer also features Tritonic operation with automatic adjustment. The trailer’s crane conductor system is suitable for a moveable 30-tonne/metre crane. The pneumatic locking system allows for steps of 500mm. Features such as aluminium air reservoirs and outer valance, stanchion racks, stainless steel toolkit, galvanized container, dismountable car ramps, SKF single-point lubricator, rear camera, and a multitude of tying options and stanchion cylinders complete the design. This is a fine example of the many customized options and features provided by Pacton. The fully spray-galvanized frame ensures longevity.

Customized craftsmanship

Pacton Trailers has been manufacturing trailers under the Pacton brand name from its facility in Ommen in the Dutch province of Overijssel since 1950. It added the Kennis and Floor brands to its portfolio in 2010. Pacton Trailers works closely with its customers in designing and manufacturing all its trailers and semitrailers, creating solid and quintessentially Dutch products tailored to the user’s specific needs and requirements.

In addition to providing a range of high-quality standard trailers, the company can also create tailor-made solutions to any transport-related problem. From the company’s state-of-the-art and well-equipped manufacturing facility, a team of dedicated professionals assure customers of superior products, manufactured from high-quality materials and components.