Two Pacton Trailers with Sliding Hood for Steel Distributor IJzerleeuw

17 April 2024

IJzerleeuw is a stockholding steel wholesaler located in Zwolle, with a company history dating back to 1810. Steel in commercial sizes ordered by 3:00 pm is delivered to customers the next day, within a radius of about 90 km. To keep up this solid performance every day, IJzerleeuw counts on a high-quality logistics set-up. Recently, IJzerleeuw purchased two new two-axle Pacton trailers with sliding hood for its fixed distribution routes. Branch manager Johan van Essen: ‘We are mainly a logistics company. Customers do not keep their own stock; they rely on us to supply this.’

The IJzerleeuw fleet consists of six trailers. The trucks and drivers come from transport companies Smit Transport BV in Kampen, and J. Wessels & Zn in Vriezenveen. These companies have already been helping IJzerleeuw with logistics for some time now. In essence, four combinations – all four now with a Pacton trailer – cover a fixed, daily route, and there are two combinations that can be used for larger consignments. ‘This distribution method is not so easy for everyone, and it requires specific expertise. We’ve been working with the same transport companies for a long time now. Some of their drivers have been driving for us for 35 years already,’ says Van Essen.

IJzerleeuw has more than a hectare of warehouse space at the Voorst industrial estate in Zwolle. The same industrial estate is also home to two other companies from the O. de Leeuw Group: Leeuwbouw and Leeuwtechniek. IJzerleeuw, with its long-standing ISO9001 certification, provides an extensive range of steel products, including steel beams, bars and strips, profile tubing, plates, round tubing, cold rolled profiles, construction steel mats, reinforcing steel, plain steel and special steel. ‘We also saw, bend and preserve the materials on request,’ adds Van Essen.

Sliding hood

The new Pacton trailers (type TBD.232.T-S) have a 12.8m wheelbase and a rated gross vehicle weight of 32 tonnes. The BPW air suspension with disc brakes includes two axles, each with a load rating of 11 tonnes. The rear axle is mounted on a turntable, and is steered by means of a rod connected to the clutch/coupling. This dual-air version comes with 8 steel rims with Goodyear 275/70 R 22.5 tyres.

A sliding hood system is ideal for steel haulers. Pacton has constructed the sliding hood on a wheelbase specially adapted for this purpose. The sliding hood allows rapid and easy loading of the trailer from the side or above. There is a standard aluminium Netcap framework that can be opened at the front and rear. This is the reason for the stable, broad trolley located at the front and back. Depending on the height and length of the vehicle, one or more additional, narrower trolleys are placed between these. IJzerleeuw required seven lightweight aluminium trucks. The aluminium slider construction folds six times and can be slid completely to the front or rear. When pushed together, the sliding hood is 1.8 metres in length.

The hood structure comes with a durable 900g/m2 PVC-coated Panama tarp. The front features Quicklocks integrated into the truck to pull and secure the system to the headboard. At the rear, the truck is also fitted with a closure with Quick Release. There is a specially shaped rubber profile fitted to the underside of the tarp, which prevents water and dirt spatters from entering. Reinforcements have been installed at all the places where the tarp comes into contact with the aluminium hood construction.

Locking partial loads

The new trailers come with all-round LED lighting, a 28 mm hardwood floor with steel omega profiles and a TÜV-certified, fixed steel headboard 1.78m in height. Options and accessories include aluminium side profiles, 2x11 stanchions in the edge profile, six rows of crosswise stanchions in the floor, 2x13 Pacton 2.5-tonne retractable lashing eyes in the V-groove and 2x6 8-tonne collapsible lashing eyes in the edge profile.

For steel transportation, particularly in combination with a sliding hood, load securing and the ‘locking’ of the load (whether partial or full) is particularly important. A secure load cannot shift and knock against the sliding hood frame construction. A stainless steel tool chest, Groeneveld lubrication system, a total of four retractable stepladders at the rear and on both sides, and a custom, trailer-wide plate chest for steel plates are also included.

Another typical necessity for steel transport is the roll-up tarp at the rear, which when combined with the folding rear panel, provides space for transporting long loads. The entire chassis has been spray-galvanised and finished in stylish ‘IJzerleeuw blue’ with black and stainless steel accents.

Fixed route distribution

The two new Pacton trailers were purchased as replacements. The equipment is quite heavily taxed, with an average load factor of 20 tonnes and 15 to 20 stops per day. The trailers are loaded by means of overhead cranes in the IJzerleeuw warehouses. Bearing this in mind, as well as the many delivery locations, Van Essen notes that the sturdy, custom trailer with the Netcap sliding hood is a great asset. ‘We generally unload the many different orders using our own tractor-trailer crane. We therefore want to be able to rely on the very best and most efficient equipment for this.

The daily fixed route distribution is now done exclusively with Pacton trailers. Van Essen: ‘The previous trailers were great, and had an excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, Pacton is a regional company that delivers solid customised solutions.’