25 Pacton reefer trailers delivered to Dijco

28 July 2017

BLEISWIJK – On their 25 new 3-axle and steered Pacton-trailers with Tridec steering, the axle loads have been optimised according to managing director Egbert van Alphen of Dijco International Transport.  Moreover, it is possible to flexibly manoeuvre on small yards of cultivators and horticulturists too.  Dijco International Transport provides logistical activities among others, for The Greenery. 

Owning a modern fleet of about 50 trucks and 150 semi-trailers and up to 100 extra charters during the vegetable season, Dijco transports AGF-products in the Netherlands as well as to and from Germany, France, England and other EU countries daily.  All of the semi-trailers are equipped with cooling facilities to ensure that The Greenery’s products are kept in optimum condition.  The Greenery – supported by the logistical efforts of Dijco – supplies a complete and fresh range of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms to supermarket chains, wholesalers, caterers and the processing industry.  There are registered offices in eight countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy and the US).  The products from the Netherlands, also called the vegetable garden of Europe, forms the foundation of the extensive assortment.  It is supplemented with import products to ensure that customers can be supplied with vegetables, fruit and mushrooms throughout the year. 

Number one 

The latest rejuvenation of Dijco’s fleet comprises 25 refrigerated trailers from Pacton Trailers, Ommen.  One chassis is a 3-axle B-double chassis of the type BXZ.342.KX.  The other 24 are 3-axle steered reefer chassis of the type TRZ.342.KX.  Pacton delivered the chassis which were supplied with refrigerators by the vehicle body building factory, Van Beurden from De Lier.

Both the front and the rear axles of the semi-trailers have been mounted on slewing rings and are steered by means of shafts coming from the coupling.  The front axles are furthermore supplied with manual axle-lifts with automated lowering.  Van Alphen, who has been working for Dijco for more than 20 years, considers the special Tridec steering system to be essential for daily business.  He explains that they are the number one fruit and vegetable collector in the Netherlands and they visit diverse business locations which are sometimes were small.  Therefore it is of utmost importance that each and every one of their semi-trailers is widely employable. 

Dijco has been a client of Pacton for the last 25 odd years and has bought about 250 semi-trailers over the years.  Van Alphen is of the firm opinion that Pacton delivers excellent quality for a reasonable price.  He explains that they use the semi-trailers for 12 years and even then they still have a quite a residual value.