New Pacton crane trailers ensure maximum flexibility for Van den Boom Transport

13 March 2023

Van den Boom Transport, a company based in Weert, Limburg province recently operationalized two new crane trailers. Van den Boom Transport BV’s vehicle fleet comprises 27 trucks and 45 trailers, including eight crane trailers. ‘The flexible, compartmentable, automatically controlled and sustainable crane trailers are indispensable in our transport operations. We use them on a daily basis to deliver building materials to contractors and consumers,’ says co-owner Frank Linders.

The two TÜV-certified Pacton 3-axle, automatically controlled crane trailers are of the TPD.348.C-B type, with a 13.5-metre-long undercarriage, an 18-tonne clutch pressure plate, and a 30-tonne axle pressure. The main girders of the undercarriage serve as a crane conduction device (crane-track width of 1,300 metres) for a mobile crane. The trailers are equipped with removable crane ramps and a Pacton rear side with a removable light box and a bumper bar. There is a steel floor (4mm thick) between the main girders, featuring a 28mm-thick floor in the outer compartments. The removable steel front panel is 1,200mm high.

Van den Boom had two mobile cranes mounted, starting with a Kinetic 17R-3X removable vehicle loading crane, featuring a Kinetic brick clamp and a pallet clamp. An electric Kennis crane was constructed on the second trailer (type 16R/71-3). For Van den Boom, this is the first electric crane to be added to its vehicle fleet. Linders: ‘We were eager to try it out, as zero-emission vehicles are the future. This electric crane also comes in handy when the truck engine is not running – plus, it is noiseless.’


Of the three rigid, low-maintenance axles with disc brakes, the first axle of each trailer is equipped as a lifting axle, while the two rear axles are automatically controlled by a Pacton two-bar operation through the king pin load. The trailers feature a Wabco electronically operated air-pressure brake system, EBS type 2S/2M, anti-swivel system (Wabco RSS), 2 ISO connectors and parking brake based on spring-brake cylinders. As for lighting, there are two Aspöck LED multi-compartment rear lamps with integrated long-load reflective triangles, 2x5 yellow LED side lights, two integrated lights on rubber supports at the rear, two white LED side marker lights at the front, two LED number-plate lights, reversing lights and working lights, plus a beacon on a support.

Pacton’s crane trailers each have 2x6 hinged and removable, one-metre-high aluminium side panels. Options and accessories include a driver’s footboard at the rear (including handlebars), tow hitches underneath the edge trim, stainless steel tool kits at the left and right of the wheelbase, a closed container for signs, stacking racks, wide-load warning signs, and a galvanized holding container. The trailers are equipped with a reversing alarm.

For compartmentalization and load securing, each trailer includes 2x22 2.5-tonne lashing eyes in the edge of the V groove (TÜV-certified), 2x7 stake tubes in the edges, and 2x7 stake tubes in the centre line. The trailers are equipped with Smartboard and grease lubrication based on Groeneveld Triplus. The metal-sprayed trailers are certified in accordance with TÜV.

State-of-the-art transport company

Van den Boom Transport is a family business currently headed by Eveline Harts-van den Boom, Hans Jeurninck and Frank Linders. Established in 1961, the company specializes in distributing a wide variety of construction and other materials, ranging from pallet-sized sub-batches to full vehicles throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and the German-Dutch border area. The Weert facility also provides transshipment and temporary storage services. Collected today, and delivered anywhere in the Netherlands tomorrow!

On-site loading and unloading

Van den Boom’s competitive edge is its state-of-the art equipment and materials and a vehicle fleet that allows you to load and unload onsite using a truck-mounted crane, crane trailer or truck-mounted forklift. Using special software and a tracking system, it can be tracked at any time of the day where a specific combination and delivery are located. The new crane trailers were purchased to replace two Pacton trailers built in 1998. ‘ Our experiences with Pacton have always been positive. We value the customized services they provide, as this customization and the many options available allow us to streamline our day-to-day operations, which makes it all extremely user-friendly,’ says Linders. ‘That kind of high-level flexibility in our organization is very important to our customers. Our diverse and state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, service-oriented employees and our planning and scheduling department ensure that vehicles are scheduled as efficiently as possible, which enables us to meet our customers’ strongly fluctuating needs and requirements.’