8 March 2018

SCHAIJK – Lecaro, producer and trader of pallets, has recently purchased a new Pacton Mega semi-trailer.  Lecaro has opted for the Mega-variant with a maximum length of 13,64 m, but equipped with two rigid axles and a fifth wheel height of 950 mm.  Martin Kosse, sales engineer for Pacton Trailers explains that the Lecaro firm carries pallets.  The cargo is bulky but not extremely heavy and therefore requires plenty of space and relatively low axle loads.  Kosse comments that with this specific execution the semi-trailer is tailored perfectly for its use. 

The length of the chassis for the Mega semi-trailer for Lecaro is 13,64 m with an axle load of 18,000 kg and an admissible weight of 30,000 kg.  The semi-trailer is fitted with a SAF air suspension, two rigids and low maintenance axles with disc brakes.  The fixed roof is made of an aluminium sheet.  Mounted on the roof is a black rubber sealing flap to close the tarpaulin.  The beautiful curtain sides of the semi-trailer consist of high-quality 2 x 2 two-ply PVC tarpaulins of 860 g/m2.  A fixed, vertical tightening strap with stainless steel buckle and galvanised hook is applied every 600 mm.  The tarpaulins run on nylon rollers in the aluminium roof rails.  The side raves have 2 x 19 lashing rings fitted, with a TUV-certified capacity of two tonnes.  The inner side of the semi-trailer is provided with led lighting.  

Two is sufficient 

Lecaro produces and sells pallets.  They are suppliers of both new and used pallets. Director/owner Alexander van Laak from Lecaro made a conscious choice to keep the transportation thereof in their own hands.  Pallets are being delivered and collected on a daily basis by means of three pulling units and 10 identical semi-trailers, with the majority of the semi-trailers being from Pacton.  Their planning for a day ahead is always full, consequently they have a great deal of ad hoc logistical planning.  Having their own fleet helps them to be sufficiently flexible.  Besides that, it allows them to work with swap trailers. 

Lecaro has nine employees working in Schaijk and a total of around 40 employees, including the production and locations in Africa.  Van Laak comments that sound transportation material is a prerequisite for a smooth-running business.  He remarks that they have decided on Pacton due to the thoroughness and durability of the semi-trailers.  In addition, the Pacton Mega semi-trailer can be specified to meet all demands and that includes the number of axles.  Van Laak says that they have specifically chosen for a biaxial semi-trailer.  However, some manufacturers deliver semi-trailers with three axles as standard and requiring one less comes at extra cost.  He continues to say that two axles are sufficient for their purpose and that two axles enhance controllability.  It is more cost effective considering tyre wear and toll.  They carry a maximum of 15 tonnes of pallets, making an extra axle redundant.  

Various variants 

The Pacton curtainside trailers are available in many variants: with one or two or three axles, steered, with a low neck and more. All Pacton semi-trailers have one thing in common and that is the solid construction.  One variant allows for a mobile forklift.  Other executions include the Huckepack-, Coil- and Mega semi-trailers and curtainside trailers.  Next to that one also has options such as a door or no door, one or two portals, various tailgates, a fixed roof or rising roof or sliding roof.  An array of operating systems are also available.