13 May 2019 Hart Transport from Burgh-Haamstede is the specialist when it comes to the transportation of shipping containers.  A true expert works with specific, tailor-made  material and tools on a daily basis.  Flexibility and durability of the material that has to be operational for many years under severer conditions, are of utmost importance.  For this reason Peter Hart has chosen Pacton Trailers in Ommen for the very specific, tailor-made execution of four new container chassis.  Peter Hart explains that they have chosen back sliders instead of centre sliders and for a fixed front instead of a sliding front, because this combination in their experience has proven to be the least susceptible to wear and tear in the long term.  He continues to say that they transport numerous    45-feet shipping containers, that is about 70 percent of their work and over the years it puts a huge strain on their material.  The four triaxial Pacton container chassis (type TXC.342.G454) are extendable for the transportation of 20, 40 and 45 feet containers.  The extendable and ADR-approved semi-trailers are suitable for one 30 feet, one 40 feet or one 45 feet container (with tunnel).  One or two 20 feet containers can also be transported.  Due to the removable twist locks behind the gooseneck and extra bolsters for swap containers to be placed higher.  The chassis each has a maximum weight on the king pin of 15,000 kg, a maximum weight on suspension of 27,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 42,000 kg.  The BPW- air suspension contains three low maintenance rigid axles with drum brakes.  Both the front and the rear axles are liftable.  One chassis has been equipped with large pallet boxes and smaller boxes have been placed underneath the other chassis to accommodate loose material.

Shipping containers, reefer containers and tank containers 

Peter Hart and his wife, Elly have founded their own transport business 27 years ago.  Currently Hart Transport as transporter of shipping containers, reefer containers and tank containers (including ADR) has 21 vehicles on the road on a daily basis.  Fifteen trucks belong to their own fleet and the others are rented.  Their son, Jeffrey has been working for himself for the last six and a half years as Jeffrey Hart Transport, chartering for his parents’ company.  20 Pacton chassis for shipping containers are part of the Hart Transport fleet.  The oldest Pacton container chassis is currently 16 years old and the four new container chassis have been purchased to replace it. The Hart Transport drivers make trips to the harbours of Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerpen on a daily basis, where stricter requirements apply to the trucks that are used.  Hart says that an up-to-date fleet is therefore an absolute necessity.  He adds that they have actually received two additional new Scania-trucks the weekend before.  Due to the fact that their working area covers the whole of Europe, he says that their entire fleet is equipped with GPS board computers and that each transport can be traced 24 hours of the day. This system is furthermore the primary medium for communication with the chauffeurs.

Unique Floor execution

Peter Hart has consciously chosen for the Dutch brands Pacton and Scania.  According to him their business relations go back many years.  He adds that the Pacton semi-trailers are solid and that Pacton offers excellent service.  Many years ago the Floor brand was part of Peter Hart’s fleet. He explains that Floor doesn’t have container chassis available anymore and that Pacton was aware that he was a huge fan of that brand.  After consultation they have made a Floor execution of the container chassis with the brand name on the semi-trailer and even on the number plate, which is really nice.  Laughingly he says that they drive around in four very special chassis and then he adds with a whisper that he has heard that other interested parties have found their way to Ommen already…