Four Pacton semi-trailers headed to Bolkan Trans Namos AS Norway

9 September 2016

The firm, Bolkan Trans Namos AS, from Verbal, Norway has retrieved the last of a 4-semi-trailer order this month. 

In 2015, Paton Trailers BV delivered two extendible Paton semi-trailers to Bolkan Trans and this resulted in a subsequent order for another four semi-trailers: three extendable and one fixed.

The extendable trailers are the TXD.345.LU-B. type and when extended, have a total length of 18.150 mm. The rear-most axle, a BPW selftracking fusee axle, is electro-hydraulically operable by means of a remote control, which results in good manoeuvrability at low speeds. 

The 1,800 mm high, steel bulkhead was made according to the specific requests of the client: easily detachable and, of course, when the chassis is being spray galvanised.

The fixed semi-trailer has the same specifications except that the rear-most axle is rod steered.

The four semi-trailers are equipped with various TÜV-approved connectors and container connections. They are equipped with winter tyres and snow chain hooks, so Bolkan Trans is ready for winter with this semi-trailer.