18 February 2020 Transport company Gesink ltd situated in Zelhelm has recently deployed six new Pacton curtainsiders.  It concerns three double axles in the City execution and three triaxials with a length of 13,64 m each. Stephan Keuter, director of Gesink, says that they have opted for both short and long semi-trailers for the national and international mounted forklift transportation.  He explains that not only do they take care of transportation in urban environments in the Netherlands, but also to Austria and Southern Germany and that is what they attune their fleet to.   Keuter says that they have acquired a couple of Pacton semi-trailers in the past.  In order to expand on their current fleet, they have chosen Pacton once again due to the quality.  He continues to say that Pacton is not the cheapest, buy the semi-trailers are solid and have a long operational life.  In addition, it is possible to have the semi-trailers custom made including the stanchions, the turning radius, the transportable forklift modification, the axles and the interior lights.  A semi-trailer like this can be used for about 15 years and thereafter even a second life is possible.  Keuter explains that they most definitely make decisions on material with the long term in mind.  The semi-trailers have been executed completely to the demands of Gesink en bought through Tip Trailer Services who offered them and interesting construction. The six semi-trailers have been comparably specified.  They have all been executed with modifications for transportable forklifts with pneumatic extendable supporting beams.  The City-trailers of the type TBD.235.TS each has a length of 11,60 m and 20 tonnes axles allowing for a gross vehicle weight of 35 tonnes.  The triaxial semi-trailers of the type TBD.342.TK offers a total axle weight of 27,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 42 tonnes.  The front axle on all semi-trailers is liftable and the rear axle is steered, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability especially when it’s unloaded and the first axle is lifted according to Keuter.  

Sliding hatch

The new semi-trailers for Gesink have been richly equipped with stake pockets.  Nine stake pockets have been placed on the hartline.  Three side posts have been put on both sides with plank holders and can be moved to any desired position.  TUV certified lashing rings of two tonnes have been placed in the side raves, an open storage box in front of the axle bogie and plastic boxes in the wheel base.  Besides that, the new Pacton LED chamberlights (Eco-LED II) have been applied and it is still new for this type of semi-trailer.  The sliding hatch of the six semi-trailers can be moved to the front with the rear beam sliding along, as well as to the back.  The more burdened parts such as the side raves, rear beam and body parts have been metalized to enhance durability.  The completed semi-trailers, including Gesink sliding sheets and company colours have been delivered to Gesink by Pacton.

Forklifts specialty 

The Gesink family-owned company (the fourth generation and 160 years of history) is active in both national and international transport and specialises in the transportation of dangerous chemicals, construction logistics and dedicated transportation.  Furthermore, they have a 6,000 m2 warehouse to their disposal. In addition, Gesink specialises in construction and groupage transport to and from the Benelux and Germany.  Gesink undertakes trips to Bremen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munchen and the Ruhr area with 45 trucks daily. Gesink counts about 140 employees of which are approximately 110 drivers.  The fleet comprises of roughly 100 pulling units, 135 pulled units and 25 to 30 forklifts.  Keuter stresses that the combinations which include forklifts are crucial for their logistical implementation.  They are put to use nationally and internationally in both the short and long semi-trailer executions at places where accessibility is challenging and unloading with a pallet jack through the by means of the cantilever is impossible.   He adds that they deploy both two-way as well as four-way forklifts and that the decision is based on the accessibility of the delivery location and the length of the goods.  This ensures the utmost flexibility.