1 May 2018

Koopman TransMission operates with six new Pacton curtainside trailers (type TBD.233.T-LP1) with lifts.  The newly acquired semi-trailers serve as expansion on the current fleet and are commissioned in the intricate distribution in Northern Netherlands.  TransMission is the largest alliance of independent transport and distribution companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.  The 18 partners, counting 1,200 employees and 500 trucks, are responsible for 14,000 consignments on a daily basis. 

Koopman TransMission is a division unit of the Koopman Logistics Group, totalling more than a thousand employees in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  Koopman Transmission has employed Pacton trailers many moons ago.  Bert van ’t Zand from Koopman TransMission explains that they have opted for Pacton to provide them with new semi-trailers, because their specifications offer just that little extra.  Van ‘t Zand elaborates that these semi-trailers have lifts, self-tracking axles and liftable axles.  Furthermore, they were looking for durable semi-trailers with a prolonged lifespan.  For this reason Pacton was asked to hot-tip galvanise the body parts prior to spraying it in colour.  

Self-tracking and liftable axles 

The six semi-trailers for Koopman TransMission have been fitted with lifts from Dhollandia.  Four of them have traditional lifts that lock at the back, whilst the last two delivered semi-trailers have slider lifts with a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg each.  This has been chosen with the transportation of cargo in mind.  The fleet of 25 units consists of trucks with trailers, rigids and delivery vans.  The newest additions rejuvenate the current fleet considerably. 

The two latest delivered curtainside trailers are 13,64 m long.  They have two axles of which one is steered.  The front axles are equipped with fully automatic lift axles via EBS and  rocker switches are fitted to the chassis to facilitate forced lowering.  The rear axles are mounted on the turntable and are steered by single rods coming from the king pin.  The coupling weight  is 15,000 kg, the total axle weight is 18,000 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 33,000 kg each.  The chassis have been modified at the rear end to accommodate the assembly of the slider lifts. 


The semi-trailers have fixed roofs made of translucent polyester and high quality Roland side curtains, consisting of 2x2 double thread PVC tarpaulins. Extended burning time is ensured by making use of LED-technique for the lighting.  This applies to the chamber rear lights, the side lights underneath the side raves,  lamps at the back, top and width lights at the front, licence plate lights and reverse/work lights.  The interior lighting is LED as well and it is connected to constant current coming from the pullers, with switches at the control boxes for the tailgates.  The semi-trailers have been supplied with 2x19 Pacton 2,5 tonnes lashing rings all around.  Plastic toolboxes have been placed in the wheel bases.  Pacton has also delivered two shoring beams per semi-trailer, that could be placed transversally halfway through the semi-trailers to create extra lashing points.  The control units as well as the lifts are lubricated by means of SKF central lubrication.  PSVT camera systems, communicating wirelessly with the puller, have been installed to enhance safety.