31 October 2019 Father Hobe (59) and son (28), both with Gerrit as first name, drive around with a beautiful Pacton semi-trailer.  The second new crane semi-trailer in one year has recently been delivered.  Gerrit Senior says that his grandfather has founded the company before the war.  He operated the company later with his father and now drives around with his son.  Gerrit senior is proud of the fact that it is the fourth generation in the company.  He adds that they do not offer charter services, but that they take orders from their own clients exclusively.  He explains that it makes their company less dependent.   Hobe International Transport from Echteld (near Tiel) utilizes the crane semi-trailers the traditional way, namely as stone trailers.  Their main duty is the transportation of concrete slabs and cobblestones.  The VOF of father and son serves a large region from Alkmaar to Zeeland and from The Hague to Lobith.  Each truck and semi-trailer covers roughly a 100,000 kilometres annually.  The fleet consists of three trucks and three semi-trailers. Gerrit Senior explains that they have used Floor/Kennis semi-trailers in their company in the past and that they automatically opt for Pacton now.  He adds that Pacton treats their clients respectfully.  The draftsman engages in the drafting process and designs the optimal semi-trailer that they have envisioned.  The collaboration is fundamentally good, according to him.

48 tonnes

The new Pacton/Kennis crane semi-trailer for Hobe is a triaxial of the type TPD.348.C-B and has a tare weight of approximately 8750 kg.  The ten tonner axles and the 18 tonnes coupling weight deliver a gross vehicle weight of 48,000 kg  The semi-trailer has six aluminium panels of one metre in height on each side and it is almost completely supplied with LED lights.  The main beams on the chassis serve as crane guides (crane track width 1,300 mm).  The rear has been fitted with fixed ramps of 250 mm in length.  The Pacton/Kennis rear side has a removable light fixture and a removable steel bumper in the rear.  The crane semi-trailer has a 28 mm thick hardwood floor and a 4 mm steel floor between the main beams.  The removable aluminium headboard is 1,20 m in height and TUV certified.  A spacious stainless steel box has been fitted on the driver’s side.  The semi-trailer has been finished off elegantly in red, grey and beige.

Rod steered

Gerrit Hobe Senior remarks that they are content with their Pacton semi-trailers.  He says that they have just mounted the Kennis 14 tonnes/metre crane onto the new semi-trailer that day.  He adds that they are pleased with the semi-trailers with its robust quality and charming execution.  Each crane semi-trailer is different, because everyone has it customised to suit their individual needs.  They have done the same by opting for a sturdy execution, as they are not in favour of lightweight.  The original rod steering of the Kennis on the rear axles ensures the maximum manoeuvrability for the combination.  It offers advantages in tight spots which they need, due to the fact that they go to many locations.  He continues to say that they are currently driving around with triaxial crane semi-trailers with a liftaxle on the first axle.  The four-axled predecessor has been replaced now after 17 years.  He explains that it is easier to distribute the weight with a tandem as puller in the front followed by a three-axled semi-trailer.