Prometec is more flexible with duo flatbed semi-trailers from Pacton

5 July 2017

BARENDRECHT – “Transport and conservation in one hand, is our service to the customer,” is the slogan of Prometec Ltd. from Barendrecht.  The company recently acquired two Pacton 3-axle semi-trailers.  

Prometec started rendering their services in 2005 in terms of the conservation of steel, aluminium and rvs by means of electro-galvanizing, powder coating or wet painting on for example trellis, steel constructions, stairs and bridges.  Director Johan Flier says that they are independent due to the fact that they present various electro-galvanizing and powder coating companies with large orders.  This enables them to work with competitive prices and to treat the small orders as large ones.  The company is mainly at the service of metal- and construction companies. 

Sufficient amount of stake pockets 

The two new Pacton semi-trailers serve as extension of the current service provision.  Flier explains that they have already had a BE-combination with a small semi-trailer.  Besides that, they now have a truck with two semi-trailers.  This enables them to be more flexible to the customer. 

A specific wish was to have sufficient stake pockets to secure the vast diversity of materials that are to be transported.  Another wish was to have aluminium sideboards for carrying smaller material.   Other specific accessories include an rvs-case, lashing rings, an open storage box and a hinged Pacton mud flap for the complete width of the semi-trailer.  The total axle weight of the semi-trailers is 27,000kg and the total permissible weight is 42,000kg each.  After completion of the welding, the chassis have been blasted with grit, metal sprayed and finally sprayed with a two-component coating.

Flier was known with Pacton already through a pleased colleague and owner of semi-trailers supplied by Pacton.  Flier states that Pacton is a real winner not only in terms of price, but also regarding quality and appearance.  He says that they have been using the semi-trailers for a couple of weeks already and that they are extremely satisfied.