Pultrum profits from practical extra low and multifunctional Pacton crane semi-trailer

16 June 2017

RIJSSEN – Pultrum Rijssen Ltd. has recently deployed a new Pacton crane semi-trailer.  The semi-trailer has been compiled to be multifunctional according to the specifications of the transport company. According to director Jille Pultrum these semi-trailers have been called stone trailers in the past, but they hardly ever use ny.  them for that purpose.  What they use them for mainly is the transportation of wood, steel mesh and concrete slabs as well as containers.  

Pultrum Rijssen  is active in both the national and international transportation of building materials and distribution.  The family owned business counts 90 employees and has been active for 54 years to date.  The company is in possession of 66 towing vehicles and roughly 175 semi-trailers, comprising of various open semi-trailers, boxtrailers, curtainside trailers and mega tautliners.  Besides that, Pultrum also has stepdeck trailers and flatbed trailers, mostly extendable to their disposal.  Furthermore, Pultrum is the owner of their own, modern workshop.

Jille Pultrum explains that they strive to make their fleet as widely deployable as possible.  Together with his nephew Ate, he is in charge of leading the family owned business.  He expresses that a semi-trailer is always too short and too high if it is aimed at transportation for a variety of clients.  They have chosen for an extra low semi-trailer with a floor height of 1,28m to ensure maximal flexibility.  That is namely a prerequisite for a multifunctional deployable crane semi-trailer.  The stanchions all around guarantee ensures efficient load safety.  It also enables the placement of an extra bulkhead to divide the floor in two compartments of 5m and 6m respectively.  Due to the eight container twistlocks, they have the ability to transport one 40ft container or two 20ft containers. 

Crane semi-trailer highly deployable 

Pultrum articulates that their work in building logistics is on the increase now that the building sector is taking off again.  They participate in thought and action on the logistics in the construction and how it can be improved to be more efficient.  Pultrum says that they are known for that.  Crane semi-trailers are used more frequently in the building sector.  Pultrum explains that it can be used for a wide variety of building supplies if it is broadly specified.

The crane semi-trailer for Pultrum is a 3-axle, steered crane trailer of the type TPD.348.C. With a loading floor length of 13,4m,  a floor height of 1,28m and a total permissible weight of 48,000kg (with an axle weight of 30,000kg), this semi-trailers offers just a little more than the standard variant.  

The main girders of the chassis are also used as crane rails (crane rail width 1,300mm).  The semi-trailer is suitable for a crane of 17 tonnes/metre maximum.

The semi-trailer has a widespread air suspension with low-maintenance BPW-axles, with a technical load capacity of 11,000kg.  The front axle is supplied with a manual axle lift. The two rear axles are steered by double rods from the king pin (Tridec-TR linear). The new crane semi-trailer has been supplied with multiple LED width indicator lights,  side lamps and reversing-/work lights to allow for work to continue throughout the evenings and night-time.  Pultrum says that the better part of their semi-trailers are tailor-made and therefore they give preference to a Dutch semi-trailer manufacturer such as Pacton Trailers.  He explains that they are using multiple Pacton trailers, some of them for 25 years even.  The semi-trailers, manufactured by Pacton has proven to be extremely durable and Pultrum assumes that this new semi-trailer will also be put to use for at least the next 20 years.