18 May 2018

Johan Riemersma (45) of the J.J. Riemersma Transport Company from the Frisian Burum has been driving a new combination since a few weeks ago.  The combination consists of a Scania S650 and an extremely well equipped Pacton curtainsider trailer.  A notably content Riemersma says that he is highly pleased with the curtainsider trailer, while he is driving from the North of Norway.  He admits that they might have gone over the top regarding the trailer options, but it does make the whole unit completely multifunctional.  He adds that he receives many compliments for the exterior as well. 

Riemersma Transport is a general partnership, consisting of father Jan (72), nephew Gerard and mother Boukje.  Father Jan Reinsma is still actively involved in the company.  He busies himself mainly with the planning, but fills in as well if necessary.  The family owned company has been a reliable logistical partner for more than 80 years, with the focal point on the Scandinavian countries.  With the latest exceedingly well equipped Pacton curtainsider trailer (type TXD.342.T-EP1), cargo such as steel is carried from the small, picturesque Swedish city Jokkmokk, situated in the North Pole.  Besides steel, machinery and general cargo are also transported with the brand new combination.  Riemersma explains that as a company they make the journeys to Norway and Sweden weekly for the transportation of general cargo, contract transport or removals.  Return-freight is obviously taken along as far as possible. 

Extendable width and raisable 

The new Pacton semi-trailer has been provided with a mechanical rising roof to ensure maximum accessibility.  Due to six extendable Pacton posts and four hydraulic lifting pumps, the height can be raised with an additional 45 cm.  Furthermore, the roof has been fitted with a so-called twin sliding roof that can be opened towards the front and also towards the rear.  After opening the roof, it can be moved and locked into place.  The rear portal can be expanded manually on the right hand side with 40 cm.  All of these options add to the speed and flexibility regarding the loading and unloading of cargo. 

The new truck and semi-trailer has been acquired as renewal.  It has been implemented rather recently and to the utmost satisfaction.  Riemersma comments that it is evident that Pacton is a high quality brand and he is equally impressed with the price-quality ratio.  Ultimately these are the tools that they have to work with daily and it is expected of the semi-trailer to be utilised for at least the next ten years or longer.  This is also the reasoning behind the abundant execution, including the rising roof and the extendable rear portal.  He admits that these options might not be put to use every day, but that it comes in very handy for example when loading and unloading machines.  Riemersma adds with a laugh that he won’t be bending anymore stakes while loading.  

Norwegian execution 

The latest Pacton semi-trailer is a Norwegian execution, with a chassis length of 13,64 m, a coupling weight of 15,000 kg, a total axle weight of 27,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 42,000 kg.  Riemersma says that percentage wise he uses this combination for 70 percent in the northern parts of Sweden and for 30 percent in the northern parts of Norwegian.  The execution of the semi-trailer and the axle bogie in particular, has been tailored with that in mind. 

The axle configuration is made up of a BPW air-suspension with two rigid axles with disc brakes and a BPW self-tracking axle with a disc brake.  The first axle has been supplied with a manually operated lift axle from within the cabine.  The last axle is fusee steered.  Sales engineer Martin Kosse from Pacton explains that the placing of the axles has been specified precisely for the intended use by the client due to legislation in the Scandinavian countries.  That implies that the rear axle must be placed as far to the back as possible.  It is fusee steered to enhance manoeuvrability.  The first and the second axles have been placed 1,310 mm apart.  The second and the last axles have been place 2,100 mm apart.  The self-tracking axle can be blocked electronically from within the cabin.  

Full options 

Kosse rightfully calls the semi-trailer for Riemersma a “full options semi-trailer”, due to the extensive and charming execution.  Among others, it consists of three boxes and an open storage box of which all are supplied with polished stainless steel.  In addidion, it has been fitted with light alloy wheels, a polished stainless steel light pan and LED lights both on inside and outside. Snow chains are an insurmountable detail in the Scandinavian countries and therefore thought has naturally been given to hooks to store away the snow chains.  Riemersma remarks that both the multitude of options and the degree of customization were important considerations leading them to choose for Pacton.