6 April 2018

Ruud Borst Transport from Lopik utilises semi-trailers, in total 30,  from Pacton in Ommen only.  During the last three years alone the company has acquired eight curtainsider trailers with coil ducts and slider lifts.  Once again two additional tri-axle semi-trailers have recently been put into service.  Director Ruud Borst explains that their semi-trailers have to be multifunctional, as they have many clients in the steel trading business and adjacent they are specialised in groupage transportation.  A lift and a coil duct are important requirements to ensure maximum usability of the semi-trailers. 

The logistics provider has recently chosen three tri-axle curtain sider trailers (type TXD.342.T-BCEP1)  from Pacton.  The 13,64 m long semi-trailers each has a total axle weight of 27,000 kg and  a gross vehicle weight of 42,000 kg.  The semi-trailers have BPW air suspension and automatically liftable front axles by means of EBS, including a button to switch the system off.  Furthermore, the semi-trailers are equipped with Wabco electronically controlled air pressure brake systems EBS type 2S/2M, anti-tilt systems (Wabco RSS), two ISO connections each and parking brakes using the spring brake cylinders.  Both of the semi-trailers have six steel rims (22,5 x 11,75 inch) and are fitted with Goodyear tyres (385/65 R 22,5 Kmax).

The sliding hatches of the semi-trailers can be opened both to the front (with sliding rear header of 120 mm in height) as well as towards the rear and the roofs are covered with white tilt covers.  At the rear end they are fitted with semi-automatic locks.  Besides the fourfold sideboards and strategically placed lashing rings and stake pockets, each has a pallet box fitted underneath the chassis for 24 Euro-pallets as specified by the client.  The latter also functions as side underrun protection.  The Dhollandia slider lifts (1.500 kg) are operated by means of remote controls  with coiled cords.  The semi-trailers are provided with Ladungssicherung certificates for 27,000 kg.  For this purpose the semi-trailers have been equipped with reinforced body work (bulkhead, rear doors, rear portal, and stakes).  Sales engineer Martin Kosse from Pacton comments that Ruud Borst Transport has chosen an extraordinary combination of a coil duct combined with a lift.  This combination makes it possible to transport not only steel coils, but also the general cargo.  A perfectly even load platform is effortlessly created by placing floor hatches in the coil duct.  In addition, the semi-trailers have been furnished with six rows of stake pockets to ensure safe transportation of steel bundles and tubes between the stakes.  The stake pockets allows for a bulkhead to be made at any desired distance.  

Everything is possible 

Ruud Borst Transport Ltd.  is specialised in groupage consignments between the Netherlands and Germany.  Consignments are loaded daily and are delivered at their destination the following day, often via their secured warehouse in Lopik (2,000 m2).  Other European destinations are also serviced by Ruud Borst Transport, whether it concerns one pallet or an entire consignment of coils, bundles, machines, steel cargo or ADR goods.  The company has 47 employees of which 22 drivers.  Borst states that they have chosen Pacton for the sturdy quality of the semi-trailers and for the possibility to compile each semi-trailer according to one’s needs.  What’s more, everything is possible in consultation with Pacton.  The semi-trailers have a long lifespan.  He elaborates that they have recently overhauled two semi-trailers that date from 2001 and he expects that they will last at least another 10 years.