Special truck body and drawbar trailer for Meijer Transport BV, Nieuw Buinen

20 July 2016

These week, Meijer Transport BV, from Nieuw Buinen, has began using its “new” truck and trailer.  In addition to a 3-axle, centre-axle trailer MXD.324.T-P2S, Paton performed a complete body on the truck. 

By adding special doors and an adjustable drawbar, load transfer from the trailer to the truck is possible without detaching them.  A customised clip at the front of the trailer, which can also be flipped up and serves as an impact plate, bridges the gap between the truck and the trailer. 

For Meijer, rapid loading options for the sides were of utmost importance.  The vehicle and the trailer were equipped with conventional sliding curtains on the right side, but on the left side it is equipped with an ingenious, lightweight sliding door system that makes loading and unloading very simple.  For shippers with a great deal of pick-up and drop-off addresses, this has a significant result.

In Scandinavia, this system has been used in many ways and during all types of weather and it was in Sweden that Harrie Meijer became convinced. 

Paton also sees the advantages of this and was therefore more than ready to collaborate with the Swedish company and create this combination for Meijer Transport BV.  This door system can also be used  for semi-trailers. 

“Load security” is important for Meijer Transport BV as well.  Various floor lashing rings, stake pockets, LoadLok rails in the roof, and ferry hooks have been added.  A special, lockable storage compartment between the main beams  at the rear of the trailer, offers space for storing stakes and planks for both the truck and the trailer.

Meijer Transport BV from Nieuw Buinen has been driving for years with truck and trailer combinations. Certainly, the transport to Scandinavia with a great deal of cargo has motivated them to choose a customised solution.