Van der Windt brothers deploy from Pacton, Ommen, eight new container chassis.

8 May 2017

MAASDIJK – The Van der Windt brothers from Maasdijk have ordered seven container chassis from Pacton in Ommen, of which seven has been delivered already.  In addition, they have ordered one extendable container chassis.  Sven van der Windt explains that they make use of container chassis only and that it mostly involves 40 feet containers.  The extendable semi-trailer will be used for the occasional 20 feet container. 

The company of the Van der Windt brothers should not be confused with the transport company of their nephew, which is run under the same family name and is situated in the same street as that of the brothers Van der Windt.   The brothers Van der Windt’s fleet can be described as ultramodern.  None of the twelve Scania-trucks in their fleet is older than three years.  Van der Windt adds that they transport fruit from Rotterdam to the Westland and beyond and that means that they often cross the Maasvlakte where Euro 6 vehicles are compulsory.  After replacing the trucks, it is now the turn of the semi-trailers to be replaced and expanded on. 

Unity and functionality 

The seven newly acquired semi-trailers are Pacton 3-axle semi-trailers of the type TXC.342.G422.  In conjunction with these semi-trailers, Pacton supplied the Van der Windt brothers with a rear extendable container chassis.  This 3-axle extendable container chassis of the type TXC.342.GU is 10.911mm in length in the retracted position and 13.897mm when fully extended.  It is furthermore furnished with a low-maintenance mechanical sliding mechanism. 

The Van de Windt brothers are in possession of more than fourteen container chassis of which twelve were supplied by Pacton.  Van der Windt believes that uniformity in trucks and semi-trailers leads to advantages in the day to day practice, maintenance and repairs.  He explains that they take care of the maintenance themselves to cut costs and maintain flexibility.  Van der Windt elaborates on his preference for simplicity and functionality that is also found in their choice of semi-trailers.  Pacton has been their supplier for more than a quarter of a century due to their decent products.  

Their father, Nico van der Windt (59) founded the company in 1985 together with his twin brother Aad.  It is currently run by Nico, who is still actively involved in the daily transport and his two sons, Sven and Niels.  Sven is engaged in the transportation division and Niels is responsible for the planning, among other things.  Together with fourteen employees, they manage to serve an extensive customer base in the AGF-world, consisting of mainly fruiterers and packers in the Westland.  The preference for simplicity and functionality is once again noticeable in their operational management.  Van der Windt illustrates this simplicity by pointing out that they don’t see the need for a website, as they firmly believe that their outstanding service is the best kind of marketing.