27 November 2019 Transport company Van Sande and Son from the Belgian Beerze has recently purchased a Pacton triaxial extendable turnbale-trailer of the type AXD.330.L-U.  The drawbar trailer has been fitted with air suspension all round and a liftaxle.  It has been executed specifically for the flexible transportation of heavy special transport.  The extendable option offers the Belgian transporter added value regarding regulation concerning exceptional transport.  The 30 tonnes drawbar trailer is extendable at the wheelbase, adding an additional 3,30 m to the base length of 6,5 m.  This allows Bart van Sande to stay within the measurements set for exceptional transport as much as possible.  He explains that their previous drawbar trailer hasn’t been extendable and that it was always classified as exceptional transport.  As a result they were officially allowed to carry indivisible cargo only.  The fact that they also transport containers and loose material meant that they were actually in violation of regulations.  The new Pacton trailer results in them being able to transport containers and loose material within the 18,75 m limitation.  However, large machines such as excavators and shovels are carried as special transport.  In such cases they extend the trailer so that the front wheels fall into the opening if possible.  He exclaims that the extendable option is truly added value to their company. Van Sande works with a four axle DAF CF of 9,60 m in length and a mobile craner.  His father and co-manager Kris, also works with a DAF CF.  Bart van Sande says that his mother is actively involved in the company as well and that she functions as the manager.  The family owned business was founded by his grandfather and they work with a number of regular clients, including Smet-Boring and steelconcrete

Adjustable triangle 

The pass over of a container differs between the two trucks of Van Sande, henceforth their choice for an adjustable triangle.  The chassis of the new Pacton trailer has been executed with a central beam chassis.  The inner telescope is a compound chassis beam with lock holes.  The outer telescope is a compound chassis beam with inserted double end stops.  The pneumatic latching of the beams is executed in steps of 50 cm.  The SAF twin wheels air suspension with three low maintenance axles and drum brakes, offers a technical capacity of 10,000 kg per axle and the central liftaxle is on the second axle.  The trailer has been fitted with 8 tonnes lashing rings, width marker signs, a rotating beacon light, 8 tonnes hinged and TUV-certified lashing rings, storage for ramps (ramps included), four stake pockets in the front and in the walkway and a stainless steel box. Van Sande expresses their satisfaction with the trailer that serves as replacement and has been in use for a couple of months already.  He adds that they have considered a couple of trailer builders and that they have had a good feeling regarding Pacton.  Their input has been valuable during the proces and collaboration went flawless.