30 November 2018

Van Noort Material Ltd. situated in Waddinxveen has recently obtained a beautifully executed Pacton biaxial central axle trailer.  The clean-cut, black and red semi-trailer with white accents and silver grey rims, a white light pan and aluminium side guards is used for multiple purposes.  Fitted with a floor of 4 mm Hardox steel, this solid semi-trailer is equipped maximally for heavy duty work. 

The new Pacton semi-trailer has been built especially for the fixed combination with a motor coach.  The length, the steering behaviour and the weight balance are completely attuned to this unique combination.  The chassis trailer with floor type MXD.220.L, has a length of 6,75 m. This dimension has been attuned perfectly to fit the 10,36 m long motor coach that will be used in combination with the semi-trailer.  The unladen chassis height is 106 cm. 


Not only is the Pacton semi-trailer exceptionally sturdy of built, but the exterior has also been finished off beautifully and furthermore it has been supplied with an array of options.  The semi-trailer is a true eye-catcher with its black and red colour, white accents and silver grey rims.  The red side raves continues through around the bulkhead, forming an attractive detail.  The semi-trailer has been fitted with LED lights only.  A striking detail is the two sets of six yellow LED lights on the sides which have been incorporated splendidly in the side raves. 

Hardox steel floor 

The new semi-trailer for Van Noort has been supplied with an entire 4 mm steel floor.  Especially with the use of a crane, the floor can be damaged quickly by sliding heavy goods and material over the floor.  However, this steel floor provides optimal steadiness.  The floor is exceedingly protected against wearing by furnishing the floor with non skid granules.  The stakes itself are reinforced and made of solid steel at the bottom.  All built to ensure sturdiness and durability. 


The semi-trailer has been equipped with four mechanical Jost landing legs with footplates.  The SAF air-suspension includes two rigid low-maintenance axles with disc brakes and has an axle rated capacity of 11,000 kg each.  Furthermore, it has been supplied with two raise-and-lower-valves.  The front axle is fitted with an automatic axle lift with a lift axle through the EBS.  The steel rims has been fitted with Goodyear tyres, 275/70 R 22.5 KmaxS.  In addition, the semi-trailer has been executed with a stainless steel toolbox, an open storage box made of a perforated steel plate, a number of rope hooks, ramps, stairs on both sides between the wheels, lashing rings and stake pockets among others.  Moreover, two times eight stake pockets have been fitted in the side raves, four rows of stake pockets along the width, six stake pockets through the centre line and four more in the front that serve as stops for sheet material of 5 m or 6 m in length.  On top of that the semi-trailer is fitted with supports to accommodate the storage of heavy crane parts. 

Loading and unloading independently 

Van Noort is originally a Waddinxveen family owned business which was founded in 1931 by the two brothers, Albertus and Hendrik van Noort.  Their core business comprises of transport, removals, storage and transhipment, and logistics.   The independent loading and unloading with a mobile craner is a daily routine for them.  Van Noort hauls containers, units, building supplies, bulk tanks, machinery, furniture, lampposts, road plates and many more.  Their fleet consists of 38 vehicles and the company has 68 employees.  They have more than 11,000 m2 of covered storage capacity on their own site in Waddinxveen. 

The new semi-trailer serves as replacement.  This was not their first encounter with Pacton.  Van Noort has acquired a new Pacton semi-trailer a year and a half ago already.  The transporter is also in possession of a variety of Floor semi-trailers.  The company director, Fred van Noort  explains that the new Pacton semi-trailer is mainly used for the transportation of steel road plates.  He adds that it is also used for the transportation of machinery, reels and building supplies.  Damage and wearing can easily occur due to the fact that they often load and unload with a bulldozer and that is the reason why they have opted for a steel floor, according to Van Noort.  He adds that the cab of this combination has also been fitted with such a floor.  Due to the execution with a multitude of placeable stanchions, the semi-trailer is versatile in use as required by Van Noort.  He says that they are in dire straits of material that they can put to use to serve all of their clients.  He explains that not only do they transport heavy road plates, but also light-weight and fragile garden sheds.  On top of that he adds that they also need to carry a forklift on the semi-trailer.