3-axle, extendable FLOOR drawbar trailer for company Hak

5 September 2016

The transport company A. Hak, from Ridderkerk, recently began using a 3-axle extendable FLOOR drawbar trailer (FLUA-10-20). Hak was in search of a multi-purpose trailer.

In collaboration with Hak, Paton developed this drawbar trailer in such a way that it could be used for a wide variety of transport types. The 6,500 mm trailer can be extended by roughly 5,800 mm, which means that it can be used for the transport of long materials, such as pipes for the gas and oil industry as well as containers and shipping units. The multi-functional use of the drawbar trailer is even greater, because it has been approved as an LHV, so that it can be used as a 25.25m combination.

The low driving height (890mm), the option to expand the trailer, and the further special adjustments for the purposes of heavy transport ensure that the trailer can also be used perfectly for special kinds of transport.

Since the loads to be transported are quite diverse, the trailer can be extended in the middle and at the rear. The rear part and the drawbar are pneumatically operated, so that the combination can be extended and retracted quickly and easily.

In order to keep various types of cargo well secured, a variety of load fastening measures and the corresponding storage instruments have been installed. Twist locks have been installed for securing containers and loose cargo can be secured using lashing rings and stake pockets.