32 Pacton semi trailers for Alphatrans Internationaal BV

6 March 2017

Alphatrans has once again chosen Pacton as supplier of their semi trailers and it is with delight that a series of 32 open semi trailers will be delivered to Alphatrans International Ltd., Rozenburg in the weeks to come.

The semi trailers will be delivered in two different executions.  The first execution, covering the bigger part of this series of semi trailers, will be made according to the basic specifications that Alphatrans required in previous years.  The close collaboration of Alphatrans and the engineering department of Pacton, has resulted in these specifications being perfectly tailored and optimized for Alphatrans through the years.  Consequently, the current semi trailer meets the demands and wishes of Alphatrans as required. 

The semi trailers that are built according to the specifications of the first execution, are equipped with 9-tonnes SAF 19,5” axles with drum brakes. The semi trailers are supplied with two driving modes air suspension. This allows for the trailers not only to be used in conjunction with standard trucks with coupling heights of 1.150mm, but also in combination with mega-trucks with coupling heights of 950mm this results in a chassis height of 1.070 mm. This execution ensures that the maximum permitted height on the mainland can be maintained, especially in combination with ferry traffic. 

For the second execution the semi trailers have chassis heights of 985mm in the low driving mode.  These semi trailers are issued with a neck of only 75mm, but are still suitable for a kingpin load of 15 tonnes.  With the low construction height of these semi trailers, it is possible to carry cargo like office units of 3.015 mm, yet stay within the permissible 4.000 mm height restriction. 

Given the great diversity of freight being carried by Alphatrans all trailers are provided with various types of TUV certified tie down provisions.  Whether it is steel mesh panels for building or tubes for the offshore, with these semi trailers it is possible to transport cargo safely and certified securely.  Together with this order of semi trailers,  special  lifting adaptations have been ordered that make it possible to lift the semi trailer, including the cargo. 


Alphatrans was founded in 1994.  Alphatrans plays a leading role in special transport and open trailer transport in Europe and are currently the market leader in the UK.  This position is due to their dedicated customer services, investments and innovation regarding equipment.  With their enormous and modern fleet, consisting of various types of open semi trailer and stepdeck trailers, they are able to serve their clients in many different segments.