4-axle multifunctional FLOOR stepdeck trailer

20 January 2017

4-axle multifunctional FLOOR stepdeck trailer 

Pacton has recently delivered a 4-axle FLOOR stepdeck trailer of the type FLUSDO 15-36HF2 to the Gebroeders Kok Company, situated in Bakkeveen.  The customer required a trailer for a 4-axle truck, to be fitted with a crane of 80 ton metres.  This combination is utilized for the loading and transportation of pontoons, cargo vessels, excavator mats etc.  In addition, it can be used to transport earthmoving machines and material.  The Pacton engineering team was presented with the gigantic challenge to provide the trailer with a variety of cargo securing systems, enabling the trailer to transport the various kinds of freight that it is designed to carry.  

The trailer is extendable, adding 2.150mm to its length.  This allows for a wheel housing to emerge and consequently makes it possible for machines and vehicles to be transported.  An excavator trough, placed at the back of the trailer makes the trailer suitable to transport cranes as well.  To simplify the transportation of such large equipment, a number of custom made options have been fitted such as a detachable intermediate table, widening consoles and a bevelled back and neck. 

The four BPW (3 x 12 tonnes and 1 x 11 tonnes) axles with drum brakes ensure a total of 51 tonnes of Gross Vehicle Weight.  The last two axles are fitted with a VSE steering system, whilst the front axle is realised as a pusher axle.  This guarantees that the trailer is highly manoeuvrable , making it easy to be placed on even the tightest of building sites.  Steering the trailer is simplified even further with an electronic controlled self tracking axle.   

This trailer is utmost suitable for the transportation of heavy freight and large equipment, due to the custom made adjustments and options, such as in width extendable cameras  and a long load support  with various storage utilities, that were designed specifically for this trailer.  

Gebroeders Kok

Gebroeders Kok is specialized in the rental of earthmoving machines, agrarian job processing, rural engineering, nature- and infra construction as well as vertical transport.  Their working area covers the region of North Netherland.  Based in six different locations, they work on many different projects for several clients.  Besides that, they carry out specialised orders throughout the Netherlands and far beyond. 

Gebroeders Kok is at the forefront with the latest technology and possesses an extensive, modern machine pool.  Equipment is kept in excellent condition by their own workshop.  The mobile service is on alert at all times to ensure that continuity of operations is guaranteed, regardless of technical failure or calamities.