Curtainside semi-stepdeck trailer for DKJ transport

21 October 2016

3-axled curtainside semi-stepdeck trailer
The company DKJ Transport from Alblasserdam recently purchased a 3-axled curtainside semi-stepdeck trailer (type SXD.342.T-EP1) from Pacton. This trailer could also be seen on the exterior property of the IAA 2016 in Hannover. The recently delivered semi-stepdeck trailer is a further development of the versions purchased by DKJ over the last few years.

The client was impressed again by the readiness of Pacton engineers to transform their highly specific needs into a design for the trailer. This has laid the right foundation for a long-term collaboration.

The trailer will be used for various purposes in the transport of items to and from Scandinavia. The trailer is equipped with BPW 11-ton axles with drum brakes and 245/70 R17.5 tires.
Specially designed with the transport of mobile machinery in mind, the neck was tilted and the back was equipped with a beavertail. By means of the ramps that were also provided, the machines can be driven onto the trailer up to the bulkhead. In case there is a wide load, the rear frame can be manually extended with a crank.

The stainless steel boxes under the chassis, together with the additional steps right behind the neck, give the trailer its sharp finish. The optional additions - such as the long loading frame, various binding and loading implements, posts, wide load signs, and twist locks that were provided - highlight the multifunctional applicability of the trailer even more.

DKJ Transport
DKJ Transport from Alblasserdam specialises in transport to and from Norway. Over time, the company has amassed over 20 highly multifunctional trailers to do this.