2 November 2018

Transport company C.H. Dekker from Ilpendam has recently received an extraordinary extendable Floor crane semi-trailer, with maximum manoeuvrability from Pacton, situated in Ommen.  Manoeuvrability of the 40 tonnes/metre mobile Kennis crane is optimised with three hydraulic, turntable steered BPW axles.  The steering-wheel displacement can be influenced even more with the Tritronic radio controlled remote control. 

The TUV-certified crane semi-trailer for C.H. Dekker is utilised for the transportation of dam walls and concrete traffic barriers.  Director Saïd Arslan explains that the dam walls can be up to 19 m in length and the barriers can weigh up to five tonnes each. According to him this combination motivates their choice for a heavy crane in combination with a maximum manoeuvrable semi-trailer.  He continues to say that building sites are frequently limited in space, which has led them to opt for a semi-trailer with three axles and an additional manual control.  Arslan emphasises that they furthermore owe it to their employees for their safety.

The 40 tonnes/meter mobile Kennis R40 crane has a boom of 12 metres and a top seat with joystick control.  Arslan remarks that the semi-trailer has been acquired to expand on their current fleet, counting 43 trucks and 104 semi-trailers.  He explains that they have started pursuing unity in their fleet a couple of years ago.  For example, Pacton has supplied them with 15 open semi-trailers some years ago and for this semi-trailer they have also chosen for the trusted cooperation and good material of Pacton.  

Tritronic remote controlled 

The new semi-trailer, with its three hydraulic ten tonnes steering axles and a liftaxle on the first axle, is optimally steerable even when it’s fully extended to 21,2 m.  The radiographic remote control allows for an even extremer steering-wheel displacement of up to 48 degrees on the rear axle at walking pace.  This Tritronic remote control is fitted with a function enabling automatic alignment.  With a maximum load on the kingpin of 18,000 kg the gross vehicle weight of the crane semi-trailer is

48,000 kg.  The chassis has been executed with a central girder and is fit to carry a 42 tonnes/meter crane.  The Floor semi-trailer of the type FLUO-18-30H3, has air suspension and can both be extended pneumatically from 13,55 m to a maximum of 21,2 m in steps of 50 cm, as well as locked.  The semi-trailer has been supplied with SKF grease lubrication and fitted with lockable boxes with stainless steel lids for stanchions, gauze and sails among others.  There are 2 x 12 stake pockets in the side raves and three rows of stake pockets crosswise.  Furthermore, 24 lashing rings of 8 tonnes each and 180 degrees stowable have been fitted in the point lead.

Transport company C.H. Dekker is an experienced transport company which specialises in exceptional work.  The family owned business has been founded in 1949.  Martin Dekker, the youngest son of founder Cees Dekker, is currently the general director.  Arslan says that their chauffeurs have completed a versatile skills training, equipping them to be commissioned for all kinds of transport.  He continues to say that they can handle just about any job with their 55 employees.  He states that they are obviously fully certified and in possession of the necessary licences.