Extra loading metres on light Pacton combinations with load through system

2 June 2017

GIESSEN – E. van Wijk Logistics from Giessen has recently deployed three new combinations that have been constructed and delivered by Pacton Trailers, situated in Ommen.  The delivery consists of three DAF XF trucks with curtainside trailer constructions and three curtainside trailers.  These combinations are fitted with special doors and an extra pivot point to enable a load through system.  Pacton’s objective was to save as much weight as possible.  

The new combinations are put in use for the international transport.  The DAF trucks are equipped with curtainside trailer constructions and sliding roofs.  The two flat, aluminium rear doors are double folding to enhance the load through system.  Furthermore, the semi-trailers are fitted with various accessories including aluminium side underrun protection for the axle group, an aluminium pallet truck crate, an LED strip for interior lighting and hooks for snow chains.  The Pacton 2-axle centre-axle trailers with curtainside trailer constructions are of the type MXD.218.T.  This type of semi-trailer has double folding, aluminium rebated doors in the front for the load through system. The fleet manager, Dick Bruin of E. van Wijk Logistics confirms that this type of combination is frequently used by them.  This current delivery serves partly as expansion and partly as replacement of their fleet.  Due to the economic recovery volumes are increasing again and therefore expansion is needed, but material must also be replaced to stay up-to-date. They carry an array of cargo for a large amount of customers.  When it comes to general goods trafficking, E. van Wijk Logistics stands out in groupage consignments and part loads; consequently the low weight of their combination is of utmost importance.  Multi-functionality is required for the instances when heavy products or material are to be transported and that is met with high insertion. 

Best of both worlds

For E. van Wijk Logistics, the load through system was a conscious choice.  Bruin says that although most of the international transporters make use of trucks and trailers, their preference goes out to combinations which make up 90 percent of their existing fleet.  Attributable to the load through system, the rigid can be loaded and unloaded by the hitched trailer.  This results in logistical advantages such as time gain during loading and unloading and compared to a trailer, it also generates more loading metres.  Moreover, the load through system enables us to unload the 15 load metres all at once.  Bruin considers it to be the best of both worlds. 


E. van Wijk Logistics is a family owned company.  Ewout van Wijk was the founder in 1949 and since then the company has grown out to be a European transport company to be reckoned with.  The young fleet includes (refrigerating) combinations, refrigerated containers, mega trailers and city trailers.  The fourth generation Van Wijk has recently placed the first pole for the expansion of the warehouse capacity, following the growing need for storage space and crossdocking activities.  The dimensions of the warehouse will increase with 3,500m2, which will give the warehouse a total capacity of 14,000m2.  In addition, a part of the warehouse will be made suitable for the storage of pharmaceutical goods.  The date of completion is set for the fourth quarter of 2017. 

E. van Wijk Logistics has ordered another three combinations from Pacton Trailers.  DAF CF trucks will be constructed and these combinations are destined for transport within the Benelux.  E. Van Wijk Logistics runs their transport company from the Netherlands, Romania and the Ukraine with a fleet of roughly 320 units 

Lighter, yet again

Bruin states with delight that Pacton has delivered outstanding work.  He points out that the delivered combinations are lighter than the previously delivered combinations once again, a top achievement in his view.  E. van Wijk Logistics has been a client of Pacton for many years.  They have been active in the transport business for almost 70 years and are considered to be extremely solid and their name is associated with reliability.  They believe in long term partnerships.  These values are embraced by the quality of the products that Pacton delivers.