15 December 2017

NIJMEGEN – The welding technological wholesaler Tramex, has recently embarked on the distribution of cylinders filled with welding and cutting gases as well as other welding supplies, with a new open Pacton semi-trailer.  This was custom made to facilitate maximum flexibility and safety in use.  Director Marcel van Ewijk states that they are able to carry an additional 64 cylinders compared to the rigid they still have in service. 

Tramex delivers certified quality products in the field of welding technology, welding consumables and gases primarily to industrial clients.  Many years of expertise results in reliable advice and speedy service.  The service department guarantees a 24-hour service at home.  Repairs and maintenance to welding machines, welding torches and other welding technology products of all brands are done by the in-house technical service.  Equipment is certified according to the NEN 3140 standard and validated according to the 505504 standard.  Tramex is a depository/gas supplier for Air Products, Uniechemie and Primagaz and delivers industrial gases, propane gas, cooling agents, fork lift gas, balloon gas and foodgas.  The transportation of gas cylinders with a length of up to 1,80 m is mostly done in bundles of 16 units.  Gases are distributed on a daily basis in this way to clients in a radius of 50 km around Nijmegen.  German clients are increasingly being served as well.  

More flexible due to customisation 

The Pacton biaxle semi-trailer has a chassis length of 10,6 m with an axle weight of 20,000 kg and a total permissible weight of 35,000 kg.  The rear axle on pivot plate is steered by means of a rod from the coupling.  Besides the frame for the fork lift and the stainless steel case, the semi-trailer is customised even further with the addition of 24 special stanchion against the edge profile among others.  A dismountable, galvanized railing has also been realized.  This rail can be placed in the width of the floor of the semi-trailer, on four positions from the centre to the back.  A footboard is located on both the left - and right hand side at the back of the semi-trailer, next to the fixed railing that is as wide the semi-trailer and about 1,5 m high. 

The new Pacton semi-trailer has been acquired  as extension.  It is currently used together with the rigid and a couple of delivery vans that have already been in service.  The new acquisition results in roughly a doubling of the transportation capacity.  Van Ewijk confirms that are able to transport a maximum of 224 cylinders with the new ADR-approved semi-trailer, pulled by a new Volvo FM and that is 64 cylinders more than with their rigid. 

The new semi-trailer has been custom made to the client’s specifications to ensure the maximum flexibility.  The semi-trailer is fitted with stainless steel cases mounted on the left – and right hand side of the axle group. A frame has been placed at the back to hook on the Moffet fork lift.  Furthermore, a demountable fork lift bumper is fitted, with a storage unit.  Van Ewijk explains that a fork lift is essential, since they have to be able to load and unload independently and quickly as they visit up to 25 clients per vehicle per day.  

Growth in gases 

Tramex has 16 employees, of which five are responsible for the technical service and two are operative in the transport.  The fact that the Pacton semi-trailer has been bought as expansion, is a sign that trade in gases for Tramex is growing.  It comes as no surprise that the company has bought additional ground close to the current business premises especially for the storage of gas cylinders.  Van Ewijk believes that efficient logistics is a prerequisite for healthy growth.  Before buying the new semi-trailer from Pacton, Pacton was only known to them by name.  According to him, Pacton has a good reputation in the market and they are reputable for good quality.  A new semi-trailer is a huge investment for the long term.  For that reason it is desirable that such a vehicle still looks good in 10 years’ time.  On top of that, Van Ewijk adds that he feels that it is congenial to opt for a Dutch trailer builder.