9 February 2018

HARDENBERG – Hutten Metaal Staalbouw BV in Hardenberg has recently acquired two Floor extendible, open semi-trailers of the type FLUO-18-27F1.  Wim Hutten, director at Hutten Metaal Staalbouw, explicitly opted for a trailer builder in their own region.  He contacted Pacton Trailers immediately.  Hutten explains that they themselves work from Hardenberg, Pacton from Ommen and that he believes in reinforcing one’s own region.  He argues that there is no need to look further, if it is available close by and that he was already aware of the fact that the products offered by Pacton are good. 

The 13,5 m long semi-trailers for Hutten Metaal Staalbouw, with a permissible weight of 45,000 kg, can be extended an additional 6,5 m.  The beautiful trailers, supplied with hardwood floors and finished off with a glossy red chassis paint, are used daily.  The chassis is executed with a central main square tube.  The inner tube is equipped with locking holes, the out tube is equipped with a double lock at the rear.  It is supplied with a pneumatic locking mechanism of the square tubes, in steps of 500 mm.  The semi-trailers are fitted with SAF-air suspension, three axles and disc brakes.

The rearmost axle is a self-tracking axle.  The front axle is equipped with a fully automatic liftaxle operated via EBS, a switch to enable a forced drop and a driving off help function. 

10,000 tonnes steel 

Wim Hutten’s choice for Pacton Trailers came naturally.  Ommen is close to Hardenberg after all and for Wim Hutten it is logical to do business with others in his own region.  At the same time he hopes that Pacton will approach Hutten Metaal Staalbouw should they consider new constructions, above a service provider from, for example the Randstad.  Hutten Metaal Staalbouw, situated in Hardenberg, is a family owned company that specializes in steel constructions.  The company has processed an estimated 10,000 tonnes of steel during the last year and has a total production surface of about 11,000 m2.  In addition to many years of experience, they are also certified according to the standards for NEN-EN 1090, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and VVA**.  Hutten Metaal currently owns one pulling vehicle, two stepdeck semi-trailers and four flatbed semi-trailers.  Furthermore, they make use of other transporters on a regular basis. 

 Best year ever 

Approximately 90 people are employed by Hultten Metaal Staalbouw.  Their machinenery consists of a large quantity of computerised machines,  including sophisticated drill saw streets for steel sections, punching machichines and a large shearing machine for the manufacturing of end plates.  The machines are connected to the Cad/Cam process planning package.  Their welding is of outstanding quality as well.  Constructions are delivered up to and including EN1090, class EXC3.  Both of the purchased Floor semi-trailers have been acquired as expansion on their current fleet.  Hutten Metaal has been doing good business since the slow recovery of the building sector.  The previous year was the best year ever for the company.  The new semi-trailers will be put into use for the transportation of structural steel to preservation companies and building sites.  On average the cargo weighs about 25 tonnes.  The steel is implemented in the construction of hospitals, factories and commercial properties.